Basement Remodel Ideas You Won’t Regret to Try Out

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Does your basement look like an abandoned than a stylish space? A basement is the storage space w we use to store everything we don’t want to. We often don’t care about the look of basement because it’s regarded as the place we don’t need to show off to, but it would be better if we need to renovate and transform it into more useful and functional space like the entertaining, laundry, or even storage room. And today you’re so lucky because we’ll share the ideas of basement remodel you can’t regret to try out.

Be ready to love washing your clothes in such a modern and clean laundry room. With natural wood material and ceramic tiles as the featuring material, this room is visually clean look and bright. Look at the organizer and how the washing and drying machines are placed, they’re totally uncluttered, making the whole space look minimalist and simple.

What a creative idea – transforming an unused basement into such a beautiful entertaining room. Playing billiard with friends after work, for instance, sounds great to get your mood back. To make a cozy place, it’s recommended to furnish the room with proper seats like these recessed benches with tufted cushions. Make sure that you also facilitate the room with good lighting.

A walk-in closet is also a great idea for your basement conversion. This walk-in closet is for example. It looks elegant in matte black, expressing a masculine vibe to this room.

But if you love the natural and warm look instead of cool black like previous idea, this walk-in closet design needs to try out. Actually, the storage solutions are the combination of natural wood and metal finish that creates the warmth and firmness in the same time. Lighting also plays important role in such a beautiful room.

I see stones in this basement and gladly they’re set perfectly as the chic finish for bar table and room’s pillar. They exactly give special texture to this basement bar.

Theater room in the basement is also a good idea. This family theater room, for instance, is completed with full-height drapery for more privacy. The furniture set is the leather-finish sofas highlighted with some accent pillows. I bet this room will be next favorite spot for family.

As a playroom, this basement has been transformed into a cozy and fun space to play and to study. We all know that the kids are obviously active and potentially untidy, so it’s recommended to set the playroom up as simple as possible but keeps accommodative especially everything related to their learning media and stuffs. This simple shelving unit, for example, is not only functional, but also stylish, and more importantly it gives an easy access for kids to select the books they love the most.

What about a DIY kids’ stuff like this workbench that can test the kids’ adrenalin? Of course, it would be great experience for the kids; at least as the parents, we can help them to have good memories about their childhood.

This basement conversion is also inspiring – re-designing a worn out basement and change it into such a gorgeous study room. Just furnish the room with the furniture set that fits your personal style and add some complementary items like a mini shelving unit for books/ kids’ painting arts, stylish rug, colorful floor pillow, and some plastic glasses for color pencils. Brilliant!

For tiny house, sometimes we need extra space for a functional room like a home office, and the basement can be best choice. Building a home office under the basement’s staircase is a brilliant idea. It won’t take any space. You don’t need to worry anymore about where your new home office should be.

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