4 Basic Exterior Design Lessons You Should Know

Designing the exterior to create spectacular home need several considerations especially when you want to display magnificent facade of your home. Some people might confuse on what things they should learn before creating extravagant exterior to attract everyone’s attention. Therefore, we will give you 4 basic exterior design lessons that you should know before designing your dream facade.

First, you need to pay attention on the main building area to create balance and symmetry space. To appear pleasing in everyone’s eyes, balance and symmetry take an important role so that you need to properly design the area with the help of professional architect. For instance, you need to ensure that your windows flank equally and the door is placed in the center. Second, you must be sure that you choose the right house materials depend on the theme of your house. Georgian house style may require you to choose brick wall base but you can assemble it with simple wood panels for more minimalist design. It is also essential for you to choose any material that is durable and aesthetically elegant at the same time.

Third, pay attention on the exterior color combination because it will determine the overall look. Many architects agree that the effective color placement will help your home to enhance its ability to shine. You can select two shades form the same color strip such as lighter and darker hues. Lastly, you should create interesting entryway which can invite your guest to come. You can contrast the door color with the door knob to make the furniture look appeal. Moreover, thinking about the lighting concept for your facade is also essential especially when you want to make your house look wonderful and amazing at night.

Reference: freshome.com

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