15 Exquisite Canopy Beds for Newlywed

Deciding a high-quality bed for a newlywed couple is a must thing. Various types of bed are available in the market, from floating bed to hanging bed. If you want a bed that create a classy yet luxurious feeling, a canopy bed can be a perfect choice. In the past, people who have canopy bed must be wealthy since the bed frame is usually handmade with beautiful craft. However, in these days, canopy bed is not a big issue anymore because all people can own it.

Canopy bed is very suitable for a new couple and it can be set with or without cover. The cover can be made from any types of fabric, whether it is just mosquito net or silk curtain, and it all depends on your need. During the summertime, a mosquito net should be installed on the pole, so you can sleep tight. On the other hand, in the winter, when cold wind makes your body shivers, put a heavier fabric can help you to keep warm. The color selection is also important as beautiful decoration. If you just want a safe color that is fit with any bedroom theme, white or cream is a good choice. Moreover, neutral color tends to bring calm ambience. However, colorful bed cover with beautiful pattern is also satisfying and exciting as long as it fits with the bedroom concept.

The canopy frames are also offered in various materials from iron to wood. Make sure that your choice is strong enough to bear with any disruption. Finally, the design of the up frame needs to be selected too, whether it is a cone or just the usual square shape.

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