Blue And White Christmas Lights

Christmas comes soon then it is your time to decor your home interior and your home exterior with Christmas theme. Decoration of Christmas is always about colors, for example red and green. Red is symbol of Santa and green is symbol of the Christmas tree. If you want to give awesome Christmas lights with more colors to your home for welcoming Christmas, you need to try blue and white Christmas lights decoration design.

First color is white. White is identical with holy and pure thing, that’s why it is another cool color for Christmas. White is also color of snow which is coming every Christmas in winter. Second color is blue. Blue is natural color, it is also lovely color of sky and ocean theme, amazing color to bring natural sense to your home when Christmas comes. The challenge is about combining both colors into your Christmas lights design.

Christmas tree is the first object that everyone wishes to have beautiful decoration. You can decor your Christmas tree with blue accessories of Christmas, then light it up with white lights. You can try some experiments for it by turning off the room lights and see how your Christmas tree looks like with blue accessories and white lights. Christmas tree is about your home interior, then how about your home exterior?

Use line lights with small lamps to decor your home exterior. You can put it around your home or creating an artistic Christmas lights design on your garden or your outdoor tree.


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