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Mesmerizing Living Room Concept With Single Brown Leather Sofa And White Rocking Chair With White Coffee Table And Small Fireplace With White Painted Wall In Hardwooden Flooring
Interesting Small Living Room Cocnept With Elegant Brown Leather Sofa And Unique Polca Dot Motiv Cahirs With Dice Table And Large Glass Window In Laminate Flooring
Gorgeous Brown Leather Sofa With Elegant Flower Motif Cushions Also Luxurious Home Theater Set With Large Display Cabinet With Unique Pendant Lamp In Lamiante Flooring
Astonishing Living Room Idea With Modern Gass Fireplace Also Eclectic Brown Leather Sofa With Magnificent Flat Ceiling In Laminate Flooring
Winning Living Room Design With Cozy Brown Fabric Sofa And Eclectic Frosted Glass Window Also Ravishing Glossy Black Coffee Table With White Painted Wall In Laminate Flooring
Astonishing Living Room Idea With Wonderful Brown Leather Sofa And Eclectic Glossy Wooden Floor Also Ravishing Painted Wall
Smart Living Room Idea With Interesting Brown Leather Sofa And Magnificent Rectangular Wooden Table And Beautiful Soft Brown Wall In Laminate Flooring
Luxurious Living Room With Eclectic Brown Leather Sofa And Transparent Glass Top Table With Alluring Arabic Rug Elaborate With Kitchen Area In Laminate Flooring
Interesting Licing Room Design With Elegant Brown Sofa Also Small White Coffee Table With Giant Bookshelves Wall Mounted Feat Sexy Red Cushion In Concrete Flooring
Amazing Small Living Room Concept With Elegant Brown Leather Sofa And Classic Coffee Table Style With Alluring Yellow Wall In Laminate Flooring

Leather sofa always becomes the most favorite furniture for a living room as it can accentuate traditional look which also creates an extravagant scene. With the right combination with the theme of your house, leather sofa can add more values to the whole room. Brown may become the perfect choice for classic house style because it can emphasize the exclusive tone of ancient time.

Actually there are several shades of brown that you can choose for the decoration. But mostly, dark brown is chosen as the base color for the sofa because the other part of the living room will feature softer shades. Dark brown leather sofa will be best coordinated with wooden coffee table which can also hold more books.

For better contrasting idea, you can coordinate the dark brown leather sofa with fabric cushions. You can freely choose the motive as long as they are not out of the theme. You can add refreshing vibe to the room by placing potted plant in the corner which is absolutely bringing airy atmosphere. One thing for sure, brown leather sofa is a wonderful piece of furniture that can invite classic yet elegant scene even for a small room.


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