Bunk Bed for Small Space: Chasing the Feeling of Intallation

Have you ever though to replace your “space eater” large bed in the bedroom with bunk bed? some people might think that bunk bed is far from elegant even stylish. It is shabby, messy, and old fashioned for them. However, do you know that there are plenty of fashionable bunk bed for small space that will not only invade your bedroom with style, but also space saving criteria? I think you have to look at some pictures below before you decide!

A walk in bunk bed will be the best and the first design that I offer to you. It displays the truly space saver furniture with compact blue closet aside and storage beneath. You can make the rest space of the bedroom for hang out. Isn’t it fun?

Another design amuses you in fresh green tone to invade a room with gray paint color. Aside of the two beds added, the stairs are such useful space to store many stuff because they are designed like drawers. In addition, in the middle of the two bedding is a desk, a lovable working station actually.

Further, to feed your dream to have an urban bunk bed, take the orange design which looks stylish with day bed sofa. It is simple, but its flexible style brings you plush that you cannot find from another design.

Meanwhile, a simpler design welcomes you with its nice combination of white and green. White wooden frame is the outer element to wrap the green bedding added. It is calming, so sleeping on this bed will be the best nuance ever, even for contemplation!

Reference: freshome.com

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