Cedar Mantel: Beautiful Accent Both to Cover and Trim Fireplace Stealing Vintage Appeal

What kind of fireplace that you have in your home? Is it stone fireplace or the modern electric one? I think every fireplace design has its own plush and flaw. However, here I’m not talking about those matter because I will give you a tip to make your fireplace adorable and memorable. It is cedar mantel that I recommend to you!

A beautiful white stone fireplace design fills a small interior with lovable design. It showcases strong natural scent into the room. The stone application is undeniable while the cedar mantel give vintage touch! It is up to you what kind of decoration that you want to add, but ceramic could be a basic alternative.

Further, a wonderful beneath loft living room offers you amazing gray stone fireplace idea. It is perfectly flanked with cedar logs on the right and left sides. Another cedar accent takes the above space for additional rack. The slopping style is a plush that you rarely find in many places!

In bohemian interior design, it is wise to have a giant stone mantel fireplace with cedar decoration. It adds the boho chic nuance with ethnic look. In addition, rustic cedar would be more appreciated I guess. Don’t forget to add beautiful decoration above it!

Sweet combination of white and brown milky cedar decoration makes you feel to live in Holland with unlimited dairy need. It is so pretty to contrast your rustic stone fireplace mantel. Bathed with green clematis, you will never regret once you’ve installed it in your interior!

Reference: meredithbaynh.com

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