Cool and Inspiring Coffee Shop Interiors You Can Adopt for Your Private House

minimalist industrial coffee shop interior with white subway tile walls with stunning modern industrial lighting installations wood top tables yellow chairs Pinterest

Coffee shop, as one of the most favorite outdoor spaces, is often chosen by those who love coffee so much like me and friends. We often spend our free time in such a cozy place just for fun and even when having a discussion or on job with clients. Talking more about the coffee shop, some of them are designed based on the current trends. Like today, there are lots of most favorite designs the coffee shop owners choose to attract all coffee lovers. Coffee shop with a reading corner, coffee shop-library collaboration, rustic coffee shop, and even coffee shop designed in modern-industrial style are just the examples, but the most interesting thing is that all coffee shops should meet the visitors’ interest and comfort. The followings are just few inspirations of coffee shop-inspired interiors probably you want to adopt for your private house or maybe your future coffee shop. Let’s check these out for more details.

cafe inspired interior with a couple of light wood chair and table


Simple and minimalist – the first impression when I saw this furniture set. The color scheme used in the furniture is superlight; make it clean in look. This furniture choice also fits Scandinavian-style dining space where it exposes more the clean lines and light wood as the basic material. Look at the greenery and light-toned interior façade; they’re matching with Scandinavian concept.

coffee shop interior with white brick walls industrial style window floating wooden bench table natural wood stools small wood tables white bench seat wooden floors


Designed in industrial style, this coffee shop interior showcases the basic characteristics of the industrial decorating idea that fully introduces the heavy materials like metals, hardwood, and bricks as the main highlights. Each has special texture and natural tone that clearly create a character.

I love the color scheme covering over the bench cushion. It’s like the desert that’s warm and inviting. The color also delivers the matched look with the natural wood built in the bench seat and tables. The individual chair here also offers the texture obviously recognized from the material used in the seat-part.

Well, this is so awesome – a coffee shop exterior where it’s a good spot where you can get the best moment with your friend and coffee. The glass panels are exposed to give the interior an access for natural light as well as all moments captured in outside. The front porch is completed with the series of furniture set like a loveseat, a couple of round-top tables, and a couple of stools to provide a comfy sitting area.

If you love wall arts and want to create them in the easiest way, this café-inspired interior sounds good for you. You can fill the blank walls with your own photographs pinned on the walls; and make this artsy wall as the backdrop for your furniture.

Menu board in Passenger Coffee is so stunning and creative. It’s been a focal point of the room. Simply built from the series of light wood sticks, the board becomes the media to lean the menu on the wall. With this menu board exposed, all visitors can be easier in ordering their favorite coffee.

What a beautiful industrial concept. White bricks cover up the wall, creating clean lines yet worn visual effect. Matte black furniture becomes the most perfect match for such wall panel.

Get personal over this coffee shop. This place provides lots of snacks and drinks, including your favorite coffee. For more comfort, you have a couple of cool bars finished in soft yellow that’s visually interesting, and the station has natural wood top for warm and natural look. The side board of the station, there are lots of small dashes as the decoration. Look at the light fixtures; I really love them. They’re modern but have a bit of industrial character.

Inspiring coffee shop interior. This place can be the best an escape from the crazy-busy days. What makes it fancy is the interior façade in which the designer prefers exposing the raw finishing like unfinished concrete on walls and floors for the real industrial effect. The designer also adds a little portion of subway tiles on the floors as the highlights. The furniture choice also supports the concept.

This is so amazing – a coffee shop furnished with fun yellow chairs with clean subway tile wall as the backdrop. The wall is sparkling with such industrial lighting installations with a modern touch. I personally want to say that all elements in this interior are so fabulous; they complete each other.

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