Cool Inspiring Ideas How To Style Dark-Shade Bedrooms

modern minimalist bedroom black finish walls with a central wood panel platform bed frame with gloss silver bed linens and comfort a couple of modern floor lamps with brass finish Pinterest

Dark color hues are elegant and simply interesting to add to all interiors of home, including the bedrooms. Maybe most people think that dark colors are hard to mix and match with other color hues. Other people also say dark colors are closely identical with something gloomy and cold but with a good balance of shade combination, the outcomes will be perfect space for night sleep. Well, just join with us to see more ideas of bedrooms with the best dark shades. Hope these will inspire you.

Matte dark gray featuring dark bricks. The walls are naturally artsy only by the color shade. They’ll be a sophisticated wall background for the bed with comfy gray bedding treatment. It feels like we’ve just combine the softness of linens through the bed treatment products and the roughness of concrete & brick applied on walls. What a balance.

chalkboard like walls in black gray bedding treatment wooden bench bed ornate basket wooden bedside table


Wood color here actually plays the same role with the black and gray but it’s more original and warmer. The walls with chalkboard-like finish let us be more creative in adding some artsy ornaments or just some lines of poetic words on it.

Focusing on greenery use in this bedroom, of course it will instantly bring a natural as well as a freshness naturally. At least, it helps to produce a fresh air in this dark-shade bedroom. The platform bed, just take a look, it also support the ambiance you want to create. This also adds more natural touch to your bedroom.

modern bedroom black comfort with gray stains gray bed linen wood like floors rug with modern patterns crisp white walls


Luxurious and modern. These are two crucial values found in this bedroom indirectly providing a huge comfort to all users. The stained black combined with light gray visually creates a monochromatic concept that beautifully describes a good balance of two contrasting color tones, light and dark. The floors and rug here actually work perfectly with the style.

Bedspread and quilt in charcoal seems to be the best essentials for this bedroom. They add a beautiful contrast to the whole space especially this black-washed wall panel.

Matte gray perfectly covers up the brick walls, adding a cool visual for all things inside the bedroom, but the organic wood panels inserted in the base and another side of room’s wall exactly infuse the warm look in this bedroom. I personally love the bedspread. Its high-intense black tone offers a masculine vibe. It really describes a true man’s room.

Very comfortable and modern. Simply supported with some artsy modern wall arts, the bedroom is the representation of man’s room where we’ll find a furniture-less concept, simplicity, and minimalist. The organic wood element is added here to exist the natural warmth visually; and super-black quilt here definitely offers a big comfort.

The wall decor becomes a room statement in this space, giving an artistic look to this bedroom. It also contributes in giving a textural color that makes the space more vibrant and fun.

So minimalistic. Only furnished with a bed frame covered up with gloss silver linens, the bedroom offers a large space to take a rest. A couple of modern floor lamps here add a modern touch, softly illuminating a particular area only as well as creating a warm look that’s ideal for night sleeps.

green olive bed linens rustic bench bed vintage area rug in white dark deco finish walls


Want to expose your masculine side through your dream bedroom decor? This bedroom idea will be your best inspiration.  From the base, we’ll find a vintage area rug visually adding a modern Boho touch to this space. The wooden benches here add different style, a raw rustic that surely offers a textural & natural appeal, while deco-finish walls here infuse a modern look.

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