10 Great Ideas of Mustard Accents to Your Dream Home

classic daybed with mustard throw blanket dark earthy throw pillows moroccan style area rug Pinterest

If you have a big obsession with a vivid mustard for home decor idea, luckily I would share ten best inspirations of mustard home decor accents to you. Mustard seems like a bit neutral but it has a bold shade. Visually, mustard is also sunny yet subtle, creating a calm and relaxed look. See the following ten best ideas of mustard decor accents absolutely will bring a new inspiration for you. Let’s check them out.

The bright blue in this kids’ room works well with mustard, creating a beautiful contrast to the room. I love the quirky addition, too. It adds a texture. The animal stuffs mounted on walls here give a thematic accent to this space.

accent chair in mustard artsy wall decor flat woven rug round top glass side table with brass base


Picking mustard as the accent color of room is a genius idea. It’s too bold, at first, and can take over the place, but it’s gonna be so stunning if we start it in a little portion. Just make a try.

Urban Outfitters just releases a stylish and comfy accent chair with tufted upholstery. It’s so striking in mustard. Its wooden legs make a good balance after featuring such a vivid color. The wooden element also adds a natural appeal to this furniture piece.

accent area rug in mustard


Feel fluffy and soft texture simply with this accent area rug. Finished in mustard, it’s offering a stated look that can effortlessly be your decorative floor treatment. Make yourself proud of only with this stylish and inviting rug.

White featuring mustard – they’re contrasting yet complete each other. When these colors are combined with brass finish, the space looks quite more elegant.

Accent chair with mustard upholstery and wood frame. Designed in midcentury modern, the chairs can be best option for all modern and minimalist interiors.

Just add a little if you’re thinking to insert the mustard accent to your home. Through decorative items like these throw pillows are the examples; they are minors yet able to give a direct statement to this space.

rattan chair with mustard throw pillow accented with pom poms deep blue throw blanket


It must be fun to create your own ‘nest’ to curl up during your lazy days like the weekend. A rattan chair with a mustard throw pillow accented with pom poms decoration and a deep blue throw blanket are more than enough for this. Such a beautiful chair is also recommended for a reading chair.

Simply with a throw blanket, this corner sitting area looks dramatically inviting. This mustard throw blanket is more than a blanket, but it’s also an ornate piece in this classic daybed.

So striking and playful with mustard. Crisp white floors and wall partition let the mustard stands out among other pieces, and exposed wooden roofs here bring a natural as well as a warm appeal to the whole room.

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