Cool! These Color Combinations Effortlessly Make Your Home Bold & Stunned

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Continue to another color-use issue in architecture and home design, today, we prefer another list of bold colors that look sophiticated for homes, not like a colorful kids playroom or a preschool.

In this page, we’re going to share ten bold color collaborations probably you want to apply for  your next painting projects, What else the colors are? Let’s start right now.

The first color combination is coral and midnight blue. Use the midnight blue as the base color of geometric-patterned throw pillows, and put coral as the accent color in the same spot. These two colors, of course, are totally different visually, but they can automatically add a beautiful contrast to this living room.

Girls like this color combination, Park Bench featuring English Rose. They contrast each other yet lovely. Both are matching for floral theme like floral wallpapers or just common wall painting option.

Not too bright but still bold. The color schemes are so intense but they’re not overpowering each other. They add a contrast when used in the same frame.

Cranberry featuring Renfrew Blue – Both are deep color, can make the space richer in color; when applied in furniture, the painted piece looks so elegant and stated.

Unlike some previous color combinations that visualize boldness and warmth, this one is more natural. So classy and calm-feel.

Back to stunned and bright color scheme and this one is called Little Star & Azure. The color combination showcases the most fun tone, making other objects around so whimsical.

Color gradation technique seems cool to apply for such modern space. Soft purple becomes faded away, giving unique visual effect to the wall.

Calm and warm, the produced visual effect created by deep orange-ultralight violet color combination. It feels light and airy when this violet color scheme is collaborated with bold color scheme like orange and wood color. Add wooly area rug for texture addition.

orange wall  gray wall crisp white sheer curtains area rug red armchair soft brown sofa with throw pillows


Get your signature style simply with your favorite color schemes. High-intense orange color featuring dramatic crisp white offers you multiple benefits: calm, warm, and modern look.

The color combination is so appealing, easily transforming the space into modern look. The subway tiles on backsplash also give another style, a bit classic. Personally, I’m so fall in love with the frameless triangle wall mirror. It’s so stunning.

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