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Built In Craftsman Mantel Of Fireplace In White Color
Artistic Craftsman Wood Mantel For Traditional Fireplace
Rustic Craftsman Mantel For Traditional Fireplace A Pair Of Wall Lighting Fixtures Wood Floors
Clear Stained Craftsman Wood Fireplace Mantel
Wall Mount Craftsman Fireplace Mantel With Glass Door Fireplace Building Large Mirror On Top Of Fireplace Mantel
Built In Wood Fireplace Mantel With Beautiful Craftsman And  Bookshelves A Wood Chair A Cozy Reading Chair Brown Sofa With Pillow A Large And Luxurious Rug Floors
Darker Staining Wood Fireplace Mantel  For Wood Burning Fireplace With Metal Door A Luxurious Corner Chair With Dark Brown Pillow Some Pictures Frames On Top Of Mantel
Solidwood Craftsman Fireplace Mantel With Mosaic Tiles Surface A Set Of Brown Corner Chair  A Rattan Basket For Wood Burning Supplies
Craftsman Fireplace Mantel With Large Storage Systems For Wood Burned Fireplace Building A Grand Piano And Its Bench In Black Color Wood Floors A Luxurious Carpet
Luxurious Traditional Fireplace With Craftsman Wood Frame  A Painting Framed By Black Wood Frame

Fireplace mantels take a big role for the fireplace itself and the room as a whole. The mantles look as the decorative frame for the fireplace. They are also so functional as the media to put decorative items, picture frames, books, and even a TV set. There are wide options of fireplace mantles offered by suppliers in the markets. One of the most wanted fireplace mantels is craftsman fireplace mantel.

Craftsman fireplace mantel is designed with details and fine lines of wood panels. The designers create these mantels by matching the latest trends of home building decoration and elegant stylist to fit the nearest any interior decors. Stylish craftsman fireplace mantels are the pieces of contemporary and distinctive feel. But to meet other people’s preference about the old style, there is also the range of craftsman fireplace mantles produced in traditional or classic style. It’s totally true that the old style now re-appears and gains the popularity in most recent.

The traditional or classic craftsman fireplace mantels, for instance, show the artistic look seen from their motifs. The motifs are so sophisticated to give special accent to the fireplace building. The fireplace building, of course, will overpower the room. The motifs drawn on the fireplace mantels are available in several choices. The motifs are Arts and Crafts, Augusta, Austin, Dallas, Fontana, Monticello, New Jersey, Mt. Vernon, Phoenix, Providence, Sturbridge, Tampa, and Mt. Laurel.

The following are several designs of craftsman fireplace mantel you can take one as your new reference of fireplace mantels at your house. Just check them out.


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