Create Your Tropical Paradise with These Outdoor Space Decor Ideas

stone pathway artificial pond with stone frame bed of green grass tropical plants Pinterest

Garden design is one of most recommended parts to figure out when planning a new landscaping project. There are so many ideas of garden designs to adopt and luckily I want to share about the tropical garden ideas as the main highlight today. If you are so interested in this idea, join us and see more details of tropical garden designs that can complement your home.

Huge species of plants might be used to add a statement in your garden and of course it properly can match with the tropical vibe. Make sure that you’ve chosen the right furniture pieces in order to give a perfect balance in the garden. These chairs are visually attractive; they’re simple and minimalist, really exposing a modern look. I really love the cluster of huge plants behind as they act like a natural backdrop of the chairs.

Just imagine that you have such a beautiful garden next your home. The pathway is designed in white modern and surrounded by refreshing tropical plants. Both sides of pathway are watery canals contained with small stones. Modern yet natural.

It’s a great idea to complete the large sitting area with such a comfy outdoor furniture. Surrounded by huge trees and some tropical plants, the area would be a perfect spot to spend your summer days with the loved ones.

An inspiring exterior featuring a simple-minimalist garden idea. The idea simply consists of a log tree as the ornate planter and regularly-designed marches of green grass beds with concrete pad in between. In visual, the exterior is ultra-modern but still keep exposing the natural vibe obviously presented by the wooden material.

Adorable pathway! I see the rough surface that’s actually good for our feet when walking on it. It feels fresher with the artificial pond garnished with water-plants. Lots of tropical plants are also helpful in providing us super-clean air to inhale.

One of most recommended houseplants for a tropical garden is the snake plant or most Asian people call it a mother in-law’s tongue plant. This kind of houseplant has weave and thick leaves type with yellow stripe in the edge of leaves. It’s beautiful to grow up this plant in giant concrete planter like this one.

It’s possible to include your favorite huge houseplant in one of corners of your interiors. Make sure that you’ve chosen the best and most durable planter (I recommend a concrete planter) for aesthetic and practical use. This would be a great idea for you who are trying to build a mini interior garden with a tropical vibe.

stone pathway artificial pond with stone frame bed of green grass tropical plants


A dreamy outdoor area with stone pathway. Take a look at the whole elements in this space; they are so natural. The stone pathway leads us to a specific area where we can find some tropical plants and green grass in this outdoor living space.

Create your own paradise with such a simple yet comfy outdoor space. Feel much positive energy in fresh and green area where you can relax your body and mind in this linen hammock surrounded by vividly green tropical plants. Just imagine that you spend your best time to relax in the bright daylight with the favorite book and cocktails in your hands.

Beautiful decoration found in one of holiday villas in Bali. Bali-style outdoor areas are now in hot trend and many people, especially foreign tourists, adore them so much. The idea commonly has some specific features like local culture-inspired sculptures and decorations. In the front of area, you’ll be welcomed by a huge temple-like gate completed with tropical plants in both sides.

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