Creative Brick Wall Finish Ideas You Need To Try Out for Your Dream Home

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Bricks are becoming the best alternatives of basic materials you can choose to build your interiors and exteriors of home. Bricks are the favorite as they’re cheap, easy to maintain, and of course stylish. Today, bricks are frequently used as the part of key elements in modern home style. More interestingly, bricks always offer some options of surface depending on the finish types we use. Interiors or exteriors will look classic or old-fashioned only with the bare red brick finish, white the home has got a beach-style look with whitewashed brick finish (bricks are painted in vibrant white). Have you felt curious what else the surprises we’ve got related to the brick-finish installation in our new home project? Here are ten ideas you can adopt to your home.

It’s creative to make the bricks as the accent walls in your home. Maybe with finishing it in fun and light green like this one, everything put around the walls will look beautifully standout. This wooden cabinet, for example, offers a practical storage space and seat as well, and it’s more inviting with that brick ‘backdrop’. Overall, the space provides everything we want. Both style and function are right here.

Whitewashed finish is always timeless and looks fresh for any home style. It’s helpful to create a simple, airy, and clean look to any rooms. This living room makeover, for instance, is visually comfortable. With some greenery and macrame highlight, the corner is more than the ordinary space. It’s stunning now.

Double white – it’s genius to apply the whites in the same time, but remember to involve at least one kind color shade to give different tone to the space. The wood and golden colors, in this picture, effectively work. Both are breaking the boring whites that potentially happen without these color additions.

Still about white and this looks modern and smoother than previous, giving an eclectic visualization. I agree to feature this crisp white brick wall with beautiful floral-patterned headboard. It looks so fresh and beautifully contradictive. The pendant also attracts me. It’s a fusion of modern and industrial.

Gray is the best alternative of color finish that gives neutral yet bold look, and it becomes a perfect shade for warm and neutral interior pieces like this soft gray sofa, x-base brass coffee table, and flat woven area rug.

This is actually a whitewashed brick wallpaper and it’s okay to adopt this beautiful wall to your small sitting area. White seems perfect to any furniture style and this neutral-tone sofa looks inviting, obviously offers a comfy and stylish spot to curl up.

Need something new and creatively attractive to your home? I think this idea sounds great to try out: dark gray brick walls. There is something unique in this idea; we’ll find a radiator installation obviously exposed in black finish, becoming interesting feature of home.

This is an idea you can adopt to get a modern look only with brick finish. Blue is the chosen color shade applied for the brick walls, bringing a fresh and poppy look to the overall space. This color shade also helps to create a sleek and soft look that makes the home more inviting and homey.

An adoptable interior idea displaying red brick exposed in the middle of contemporary-style home. I like calling this wall as the accent wall because it’s special. It apparently gives a rustic touch that’s identical with genuine texture and tone. It’s genius to put this wall side by side with the contemporary stairs, absolutely showcasing a beautiful contrast in this room.

White brick could be a potential of room statement in home and it’s easy to adopt whenever you want. Like in this picture, the accent wall looks gorgeous with unique wall sconce, wooden hall console, and wood-framed wall mirror as the room highlights.

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