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Waterstones Sandstone Rain Barrel For Functional And Attractive Barrel As Focal Point Of The Yard Also Constructed Of Sandstone Colored And UV Stable Resin
Granite Rain Barrel Fountain For Catching Rain And Recycling Through A Fountain As A Functional Attractive And Eco Friendly Design Sold By Julie Casey
Madison Rain Catcher And Rain Barrel Available Iin Black And White For 40 Gallon Includes Planter Insert 3 Foot Overflow Hose 4 Foot Garden Hose And Shut Off Valve
The Rainstation 45 Gallon Rain Barrel With Snap On Lid And Convenient Size For Decks Patios And Balconies Aso Sealed System Resists And Diverter With Spigot And Drain
Rocky Wall Tank Rain Barrel Holds 92 Gallons Of Water Features A Lifelike Stone Look And Made Of UV Stabilized And Weather Resistant Also Includes Wind Protection
Madison Rain Catcher And Rain Barrel Available Iin Black And White For 40 Gallon Includes Planter Insert 3 Foot Overflow Hose 4 Foot Garden Hose And Shut Off Valve(1)
Great Looking Of Koolatron 50 Gallon Decorative Rain Barrel With Planter Pots Also Made Of Durable Plastic For Worst And Extreme Conditions
Wood Grain Rain Barrel Rb 03 Made Of Durable UV Stable And Polyethylene Material Also Includes Removable Debris Screen 4 Hose Overflow Hose And Hook Up Kit
Northland Rain Barrel With Unique Design With A Stacked Firewood Look And Made Of UV8 Stabilized Rasin And Fade Resistant Plastic For Durability With Capacity Of 65 Gallons
Dual Spigot Decorative Rain Barrels With An Artistic Looking And Has A Simple Yet Stylish Texture Holds 50 Gallons Of Water Also Made Of Durable Resin

Most problems that people usually find about rain barrels are that they are ugly and they are made of cheap quality materials. The materials are not designed for retaining color and strength on the outside. Thus, they become easily broken. However, here are some decorative rain barrels that have good quality for the outside of your house. They are Northland Rain Barrel, Woodgrain Rain Barrel, and WaterStone Sandstones Rain Barrel.

The Northland Rain Barrel is designed uniquely with a stacked firewood look. The material is the UV8-stabilized resin which is fade-resistant plastic that will never rot. This decorative rain barrel holds water to be used for your yard with a capacity of 65 gallons. It features two spigots for attaching a garden hose or filling a watering can.

For the Woodgrain Rain Barrel, it has rustic and natural look. Thus, it can be blend in with your landscape without being an eyesore. This barrel is made of a durable, UV-stable, polyethylene material that will last for many years. It features a removable debris screen for keeping unwanted bugs, leaves and sticks out. It also has overflow hose and a hook-up kit.

Whereas, the WaterStone Sandstones Rain Barrel is the most recommended one. You can add your outside area with this functional and attractive rain barrel. This barrel can stand up to harsh weather conditions because it is constructed of sandstones colored and UV-stable resin. Although you should store it in a warm and dry place when the weather cools off. Besides, this rain barrel can be a focal point in the yard because of its attractive design.


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