Dresser Vanity Set Tray – Addition for Style and Fashion

Having a stylish interior design should give more attention to every single inch of the vibe. Yeah, even a small detail is sometimes useful to make the interior becomes a lot more awesome. Not only adding big furniture like cabinet, storage and also some racks on the wall, but the storage above the dresser and even vanity is also important. Here, you can look at some dresser vanity set tray to make your home interior looks well treaten. Here you go!

A multilevels glass dresser vanity set tray is now popular for it is capable to load plenty of stuff. The scrolled metal frame of the tray shares the joy of classical idea, but the glass itself is likely modern. I guess, you should have it in the bedroom vanity to put your parfume on!

If the previous design is a multilevels idea, now having a single tray set is not a flaw. It is all just about taste and you may take the simpler one that is also gorgeous with bronze handle on the left and right ends of the design.

Further, a mirrored tray in the bathroom vanity is the way to juggle the bad nuance inside the room with kind of stylish stuff. It is a perfect addition to make the ordinary white vanity and sink become more and more adorable to face!

After glass and mirrored vanity tray, you are also able to take the one in solid yellow tone. It is a very stunning tray idea that gives you vibrant color to the whole design!

Reference: www.aliexpress.com

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