Stunning Summer Formal Dining Room

When we hear words ‘formal dining room’, our mind will directly go to cold atmosphere. Having a meal in a formal dining room seems to be tense and very serious. Moreover, the formal room is usually related to bold lines of the table and chairs and too many dark accessories. However, when numerous designers try to bring the formal dining room into a fun space for summertime, the result is very satisfying. If you do not believe it, please explore 10 cool formal dining room pictures below.

In summertime when the weather is warm and the sun shines so bright, pale colors are the perfect choice for your dining room. Since common formal dining room has a cold ambience with dark palettes, the neutral colors, such as white, cream, and beige will bring excitement during your meal. The neutral colors also can reflect the lights that come into the room perfectly. Bring sufficient light in the dining room is important since it can make the room bright and joyful, and the formal dining will have more casual style. Therefore, installing wide windows or even floor-to-ceiling window can be a big help to give the room summer spirit.

Summery atmosphere can also be achieved through some decorations. Adding a wide mirror, for example, make your formal dining room looks larger and brighter. Installing colorful curtains is also a good idea. You can choose green, blue, or yellow colors to make the room more casual, especially if you have a dark color dining set.

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