Friday Finds You Won’t Miss for Next Home Remodel Project

bed frame with rattan headboard striped bed treatment shabby wood bench side table SF Girl By Bay

Discussing more about the dreamy interior designs, there are so many references, but when they are related to individual’s personal taste, it would be different as each individual has different taste. But these Friday finds will change your mind; each idea is so inspiring and stylish. Even, they ‘re able to give you a fresh perspective on interior details that visually will make you addicted. Feel curious about the ideas? Taken from Pinterest and inspiring SF Girl By Bay, I’m sure you won’t move to another blog.

I really love this rattan headboard leaning against the green wall. The shape is obviously exposed, showing its half-shaped flower framed with curved rattan trims.

The tile floors are so epic, performing two contrasting color hues: black and turquoise; and the curtain, it’s like a half-way partition that keeps another half of secret of hidden interior beauty.

A bit modern. All furniture sets are clean line and minimalist. Based on design, both chair and side table are slimmer, probably are designed for a small seating area like this, and metal is chosen as the basic material for more durable pieces.

Grand and glamorous interior. It simply shows a contrasting look of interior facade and furniture choice. Be different doesn’t mean bad. It could be an art if we can combine two different things in good proportion. The facade, in this case, displays every details of artistic craftsmanship but the furniture pieces are just exposing the clean line look that commonly relates to midcentury modern design.

Found in Tasmania, the cabin has farmhouse design that obviously displays the wood planks finished in pure white, making the whole interior and exterior bright and airy. The furniture like table is also covered with crisp white tablecloth. So classic.

Most eye catching items in this Malibu home is some vintage items like the bed frame, bench bed, and of course the linen rug (accented with ethnical motifs).

Still about the house in Malibu. The space is hugely exposing the wood element that obviously deals with the cabins.

bright and airy bathroom design modern white bathtub soft neutral stone floors white walls and ceilings floor to ceiling curtains


Sometimes less is good, giving more space for us to enjoy ourselves. Like this bathroom, it just consists of a modern bathtub. Dominated by white, the space feels so bright and airy. The space looks large and loose.

Totally different with previous design, the designer takes Spanish Colonial decor as the grand idea. Here, you can discover the curved ceilings. High profile, large door and window are other distinctive features you can see in this living room. What about the furniture? The designer chooses midcentury modern pieces for modern touch.

Lots of patterns and colors that can give a textural tone to this room. This is more fun with a mix furniture choice, viewing a huge various design of seats, starting from sofa slipcover to midcentury modern lounge chair.

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