Transitional Style, Essential Things to Get That Style

transitional seating corner white lounge chair with longer chaise and tufted upholstery dusty white curtains modern floor lamp vintage Moroccan rug in light color Amber Interior Design

Can’t identify between contemporary and traditional? Maybe traditional means heavy fabrics, tall drapes, and huge porcelains, while modern is identical with minimalist furnishing pieces and clean-line look. But if your taste in the middle of these decor ideas, your favorite design is called transitional.

The idea is so perfect for you who feel that contemporary is too rigid, cold, and minimalist but traditional is too stuffy and cluttered due to too many stuffs here and there. Actually, transitional means sleek, cleaner line, and modern without eliminating the traditional details. In transitional room, there is space for both modern and traditional elements. This is a proof that you actually can have both traditional and modern values in the same frame.

Bringing two different elements to a space might seem too wacky yet pretty. Some modern pieces are typically clean line, simple, symmetrical, and other minimalist values, but a bit traditional concept is inserted to get a transitional look such as painted moldings, shaker-door cabinets, higher ceilings, and open-concept space. This is what we commonly see in a farmhouse-style decor.

About the color shade, most transitional rooms are neutral but sometimes it needs to have something light and calm to get softer and more subtle with the same source of color shades, and warm white, tan, and gray are several basic neutrals we recommend most. But if you want to add something bold, deep, and rich color accents, green, blue, and brown sound interesting.

The fabrics choice, in addition, should be comfortable and textured. You can take cotton, corduroy, suede, and chenille to your transitional space. Be noted, it’s better to not use crazy colored-fabrics as you’re not exposing the color for the statement.

Selecting the furniture is also easy. It’s okay if you want to put some large chairs and couches in your transitional room, but remember to plot them as comfortable as possible. Also, get the clean-line pieces as the pairs. About the layout idea, making them as a group – potentially making all pieces of furniture as direct focal points.

Use simple and minimalist accessories instead of the distractive ones. Transitional means a marriage between modern and traditional, right? So you can add the accents but don’t be too much. Just make them simple yet interesting – without creating a distraction visually.

What are they? Area rug, potted plant, throw pillow or blanket, and tray are included.

Wood element may be used for natural touch in such transitional bedroom. Moreover, it gives genuine texture of organic wood. Just keep the wood’s texture, smell, and tone are exposed. This means, covering up the wood with particular finish isn’t necessary.

Including some ultra-modern pieces are okay if you want to give trendy touch. Clear acrylic stools, for instance, look so stunning without wiping out the transitional value.

Metallic touch and marble, two expensive elements that could improve your home. Are they essential to add to such transitional room? Of course you can. These pieces will give special touch to your space. Just try it.

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