Cool Hangout Lounge for Your Boy and Girl’s Teen

As your children no longer play their dolls or other cute stuffs, it means that they have realized that teenage age is about to come. Therefore, you need to provide a playroom that doesn’t look like a little kid’s playground anymore. And now, you need to set a cool room for your teens since they need a comfortable place to invite their friends inside. Then, creating boy and girl’s lounge as a teen hang out might be the most brilliant idea ever.

The design of the room must fit with your teen’s personality because they will spend most of their time in the room. With personalized design, you can allow your teens to create their favorite spot by giving unique touch. For girl’s lounge, brightly colored room will be cute and elegant especially when you combine it with decorative wallpaper. You can place modern furniture such as neon shelves which will make the room look eccentric and fun.

The way you set teen girl’s lounge will be different when you treat your teen boy’s lounge. As boy is more active, you should try to organize the room as simple as possible. For adventurous boy, you can place large television and gaming stuffs so that they will sit in the room for more hours. Decorating the wall with sport theme is also interesting because it can show your boy’s interest. Moreover, with playful placement of the furniture, the atmosphere of the room will be more mesmerizing especially when there is large glass window overlooking the nature view.


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