Home Tour: Jellina Detmar’s Genius Interior Designs Provoking Us To Fall In Love With Industrial and Urban Jungle Concept

natural green duvet cover and shams platform bed frame wooden side table concrete walls without finishing potted greenery Pinterest

Do you love industrial concept featuring cool materials and colors like gray, white, and black? Today, we try to share some best ideas of industrial and urban jungle style for interiors inspired by one of our favorite interior blogger and stylist, Jellina Detmar. Shes’s a great influencer who loves combining the rural and modern style for home interiors. Even, her house is the real masterpiece of great interior models that completely describe lots of her ideas about the interior decors, and most of them are industrial and urban jungle, and some others are the addition of Scandinavian and classic. Really want to know more about Detmar’s brilliant home decor ideas? Join us to know more info.

It’s so cool. Detmar updates her living room simply with some recycled stuffs like crates for the coffee tables and ex-drawer system for the alternative planter. This seems these items add a rustic look to this living room.

I see a cowhide here, meaning that the space has additional touch of Scandinavian. The cowhide, with its distinctive character (brought by tone and texture), looks matched with the bright-toned wood floors, at least it adds an obvious contrast to whole floors. The greenery, in addition, really brings a peaceful atmosphere simply through their naturally fresh & greenish look.

Boho touch is also added here. Earth-toned area rug with tassels in both sides is the specific feature of Bohemian style that’s visually different with the existing decorating idea, modern rustic. And the greenery and lighting really meet the concept, creating a warm and romantic nuance without missing the basic natural values.

Inviting duvet cover. Colored in natural green, the duvet cover softly dominates the space, and some potted greenery here make the space more vivid and fresh, surely can help creating moody and relaxing atmosphere, so this is good for a long nap or just enjoys a lazy-crazy day.

A corner space with bright and airy feel. This is totally different with the grand concept, industrial-rustic decor style. Fully covered with whitewashed wood floors and purely white walls, the space is dazzling, needed non-white/ bright basic elements to complement it like wood, burnt-clay, and even the woven pieces. These elements, of course, will add another texture and tone to this space.

Modern industrial with a bit of Scandinavian touch. It’s clearly stated with a cowhide as one of most recognized Scandinavian’s features. About the furniture, Detmar chooses clean-line industrial furniture instead of traditional ones in order to meet the grand theme of interior design, modern industrial.

Not about the duvet cover, I prefer brick to concrete for more textural and toned surface. The idea automatically leads us to industrial design that visually exposes the shabby, rust, and even dark-toned interior look commonly found in metal and brick use.

kid's room white runner with road map wooden furniture set animal stuff ornate guitar concrete walls


Kids’ room can also be remodeled in industrial. The picture simply displays a kid’s room with concrete walls and clean-look floor. The space is furnished with wooden pieces and some accessories like guitar and animal stuff. The runner with road map steals my heart. It’s fun but functional, suiting the kids’ world.

Clean look yet industrial – Detmar likes to combine industrial with modern style. The walls, which are built from bricks, are the perfect backdrop of all things on countertop, including the sink and displayed utensils, but the space looks visually cleaner with wood finish on kitchen station. Look at the right side, it’s stuff-less; just one or two furniture piece standing there.

A seating corner with 3D-printed backdrop. This is good idea to present a printable green nuance and real greenery at the same time. They’re slightly similar and can be used as the statement of room after the crochet throw on the crate.

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