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Decorative Electric Wire Organizing  On Wall
A Sunrise Immitation With A Round Clock As The Sun And Electrical Cable S As The Lights
A Creative Electrical Cord Organizing Behind TV Set A Media Console With Open Shelves A Flat TV Screen  Stripes Patterns Carpet For Wood Floors Beautiful Wallpaper
Tree Branch With Green Leaves Made From White Electrical Cable And Cord A Red Bird Decoration A Simple Book Shelf A Small Table Clock
A Creative Mosque Sketch From Electrical Cord
Unique Black Electrical Cable Arrangement On Wall
A Large Branch From Electrical Wires Installed On White Painted Wall
An Electrical Cord That Is Used  To Beautify Wall As The Cable For An Immitation Of Pink Pendant Lamp
Decorative Wall Art Arranged From Electrical Cords  A Pendant Lamp Wood Planks Wood A Mini Wood Table
Unique Idea Of Electrical Cords That Looks Like Two Power Poles For Telephone Set

Everybody feel discomfort when seeing the electric cables and electrical cords untidy. Actually, there are many ideas of how to hide electrical cords in beautiful and creative ways. One of the ideas is by turning the electrical cords into a wall art that is displayed on wall system. The electrical cord organizing with white-paper fences, for instance, can be applied for concealing the electrical cord. You can make every unit of fence from paper or cardboard. The fence system with eye-catching color looks greats to install over the electrical cord mounted on wall.

Second idea of how to hide electrical cords is by making them a castle displayed on wall. It will be more attractive because everyone can see them as not only as electrical cables, but also as a sophisticated wall decoration. To maximize performance, make sure that the electrical cables have contrast color to wall color. Highlight it with a pendant’s light.

You can also create another wall art from your electrical cable cords such as pendant lighting or a big ball lamp imitation with cable. They sound so interesting to apply on wall or ceiling. A plant’s stem and a mouse’s house become two other works that you can use as the trick of how to hide electrical cords.

To see more interesting wall arts as the unique and brilliant way of how to hide electrical cords, here are some other inspiring wall arts for beautifying your home interior, especially for your wall system.


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