Inspirations for Transforming Your Small Outdoor Area into A Stunning & Comfy Space

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Need a new idea for your small porch or other outdoor areas? You’ve visited the right page. Here, we’ve collected ten best ideas for small outdoor areas. Hopefully, you’ll inspire and adopt one that’s the best for your home.

This gorgeous patio seems perfect to get relax during the summer holiday. Just imagine that you have fun lazy days in such a comfy space. A single outdoor sofa plus some throw pillows and a small side table are enough to create such amazing sitting area. Look at the hanging pots with the greenery; it’s a genius idea to add an accent ‘wall’ for this sitting area.

Smell of natural wood is obviously felt in this small patio. This outdoor space is dominated with natural wood as the basic material. Wood material here offers natural vibe and warmth that really support the grand theme of the patio, modern rustic. Furnished with a midcentury modern chair, the space feels comfortable and stylish, being a perfect spot for enjoying the outdoor view with family.

What a perfect spot! A corner patio supported with wood shade and partitions. This sets your mood and so perfect for summer. A couple of simple wood chairs and a table are perfect to make you comfortable when spending your summer days in such fabulous place. The blossoming flowers growing up the wood partition, the greenery around the patio, and the pool are the important parts that can create the space more beautiful and cozy.

A screened porch idea that perfectly takes you to a real summer spot in your home. It’s complete because this space is supported with a cozy furniture set, and the rattan hanging chair is so fabulous! It gives an accent as well as a functional seat to this space. The worn out area rug also perfectly ads a Boho accent to this beautiful place.

Perfect spot to enjoy the view outside of home. The furniture is so stunning starting from the seat to the table. The pattern of polka dots make the furniture looks so trendy and poppy. Wood finish on the floors definitely offers a comfy and warm surface to this small sitting area.

Having fresh air around the house is always fun and healthy for the homeowners and you can get it simply with this small garden design idea. To create a comfy sitting area in your garden, this inspiring sitting area idea is recommended to you. There are some tropical plants fill the space, of course adding a stunning green accent to this beautiful outdoor area. The wood finish on the floors also gives you a solid and firm surface to step on, so it makes your footwear keeps clean.

Wood finish application is so modern and produces clean lines and stylish look. The furniture option is also simple, merely consisting of a big modern swing plus its cushion, wood-top table, and a couple of wicker chairs. To make the space much more stunning, the designer adds some clusters of green vines in each middle of wood railing wrapped on the walls.

It’s a great idea to add such a beautiful patio that absolutely can add value and charm to your home. The furniture chosen by the homeowner reflects modernity and simplicity in which it just consists of L-shaped wood bench and wood chairs. With modern design, this patio is a perfect spot for having fun moment with the lovely ones while enjoying the beautiful sunset and a glass of tea.

I think this one is perfect space for recharging yourself from the daily routine. Just get relax and have some tea, you deserve such a wonderful moment. Ask your spouse to join with you and just feel the same good experience.

It’s so genius to create such amazing sitting area in the backyard. All furniture sets are chosen in modern design and this style blends perfectly with the concrete finish (with smooth and clean look) on walls and floors; both represent modernity.

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