Brilliant Attic Makeovers for Stylish Bedroom Option

ultra modern attic bedroom design wood platform bed frame gray bed line wood slanted walls with full glass window dark tile floors deep blue velvet rug Pinterest

Slanted ceilings are hard to optimally use for and most people let it empty and finally be unused space. Considering every inch of space is valuable, many modern homes with slanted ceilings (or attic space) are re-designed into more optimal-use space, even it often used for daily functional space like the attic bedroom, attic library, attic walk-in closet, and many more. To proof that this really happens today, I want to show you ten wonderful designs of optimal attic use, especially the attic bedrooms, I’ve successfully collected from Pinterest. Hopefully, all designs inspire you.

Light-soaking attic bedroom design. I can’t imagine how wonderful this place is. Actually, this space is simple and just consists of less numbers of furniture. There are just clean lines bookshelves and floor cushions as the bed. The most admirable thing is the slanted ceilings supported with the series of huge glass windows. They help the space to be much brighter and airier.

bright and airy attic bedroom with white bedding treatment white walls white tile floors


Exposed wood beams on the slanted ceilings are cool. They are functioned as a double part of interior: as the supporting element for each part of ceilings and as the accent on top. Their natural color palette also gives a color variation to the whole space dominated by whites.

This is coziest place ever. Supported with a skylight, this attic bedroom feels so comfortable and well-lighted. I love how the designer keeps exposing the beams ordinarily installed right above the bed frame. The collaboration of white and light wood is also perfect for such a wonderful sleeping area.

A perfect layout where you can see the bed’s position right in the center of space and a wood bench bed is in the center of the bed’s footboard. The wallpaper use is also visually interesting; at least it gives a textural color accent to this light-toned attic bedroom. Overall, this bedroom design looks like the one you commonly see in cartoon movies. So fancy.

Inspiring attic bedroom for small attic space. I’m wondering why the homeowner chooses large-size bed frame and set it up as the primary furniture in this small space, but amazingly it works very well. Basically, size (particularly the big size) isn’t a big matter for small homes, but remember to lay it out correctly. Remember, just furnish the small spaces with the essential furniture sets for a space-efficient bedroom.

The space is filled with a small bed frame with a bedside table. Yellow is a good choice for kids as it’s cheerful and warm. The glass windows here of course can provide plenty of natural light in this space. What a wonderful space!

Modern, uncluttered, and minimalist – this attic bedroom idea is so inspiring especially for you who really love a minimalist yet warm bedroom design. This attic space is built from light wood material with a huge skylight in the corner, and the bed frame is located right beside the skylight for a well-lighted setting. Another wonderful thing is a wood panel located in back of the bed frame that’s actually a part of staircase. What a perfect.

This attic bedroom is also fantastic. The bed frame is in the small corner of space with a recessed shelving unit for books and magazines. Near the head of bed frame, there is a slanted part of wall that’s fully covered with colorful flower wallpaper, definitely creating a visual accent to this corner. I love the skylight; they’re right above the bed, allowing us to enjoy the blue sky in the daylight and sparkling stars every night.

So elegant and I don’t know why the whole design refers to a masculine vibe. Maybe it’s all about the color used in this attic bedroom. Dominated by dark color schemes, the bedroom is specifically designed for men instead of women. The furniture, interior façade, and even the accessories choice obviously support my personal opinion.

Feels so airy because of the whitewashed wood finish and light-soaking effect. This idea is a perfect option to try out if you really love such a bright bedroom. It’s also brilliant to grow up the houseplant in room for a vivid accent as well as a fresh air maker. To save the space, it’s recommended to use a floor mattress.

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