L-Shaped Kitchen: Common but Ideal Kitchen Designs

L shape kitchen with beautiful green countertop green island wooden stools with green seating semi classic pendant lamps cedar cabinets stainless steel appliances Marrokal

To create fun cooking, it’s considered to design our kitchen based on our preference and need. Yet, it’s also crucial to suits the kitchen design with our home’s design, style, and space availability. Well, talking more about the kitchen, L-shaped kitchen with island may be the most common kitchen layout found at the most people’s home. This is normal because this kind of kitchen design is ideal and fits any home designs.

There are some L-shaped kitchen layout you can look at. And, let’s check them up one by one and we hope these ideas give you a new inspiration or reference for your next kitchen re-model plan.

Traditional L-Shaped Kitchen with Curve Island

Luxury appears when we use kitchen properties in best combination. This L-shaped kitchen with island, for instance, offers elegant and classy look after being featured with beige marble countertop and kitchen island, dark-finished wood stools, and medium-toned cabinets. Beige still becomes dominant tone here; light beige backsplash with patterns add more aesthetic value for the kitchen.

Transitional L-shaped Kitchen with Angled Kitchen Island

White dominates the space and it is collaborated with other striking tones such as beige marble on kitchen island’s surface, stainless steel appliances, and earthy tone wood floors.

Contemporary L-Shaped Kitchen with Attractive Red Backsplash

Rectangular red tiles backsplash is associated with white kitchen layout, creating a clean look. It also works to increase one’s appetite. Giant and high wooden cupboard installed at kitchen-side brings warm and modern nuance.

L-Shaped Kitchen Model with Double Tier Island

Double tier island with granite top offers elegant and luxurious finish. This island design lets family and you have fun while cooking and preparing foods. To optimize storage space, the series of cabinets are equipped within island.

Adorable Oak-Finished L-Shaped Kitchen Design with Island

Great elegance and luxury appear just by collaborating oak-finished kitchen properties like cabinets and island’s base. Oak slabs installed on floors also give natural accent for this space. Granite inserted on island’s top becomes the most highlighting item among the others.

Elegant & Modern L-Shaped Kitchen Model with Island

This is so inspiring idea: an elegant & modern kitchen layout with L-shaped counter, white granite island with medium-toned wood base, flat-panel cabinetry, and textured & patterned backsplash in black. Stainless steel appliances make them in contrasting look.

L-Shaped Kitchen Design with Warming Green Island

L shaped kitchen with curved island in green granite top wooden stools glossy white countertop monochromatic tiles backsplash dark toned wooden cabinets clasic and warm toned pendant lamps

JBTurner Kitchens

It’s wonderful to have such kitchen. The kitchen has green granite for island’s top. It also equipped with glossy white counter, monochromatic tiles backsplash, dark-toned cabinet systems, and stainless steel appliances. Wooden stools, in addition, presents extra comfort when the owner and family take a seat and gather in this space.

White Simple L-Shaped Kitchen with Island

White concept is also attractive to apply in small kitchen. Dominant white helps to create an illusion or visual effect of larger space, so it fits for a small-space kitchen. Chandelier over the island brings luxury and classy look for space. Additionally, a chair island provides comfy space for seating area.

Mediterranean L-shaped Kitchen with Island

Mediterranean style kitchen with L shaped kitchen counter and island stainless steel appliances beige cabinetry glass front cabinet system luxurious classic chandelier white tiles backsplash

Sienna Blanca Design

Special for Mediterranean concept, use beige and other warm tones of color as the dominant or even primary colors. Feature them with dark or deep tones to result a contrasting look. Dark kitchen island with white marble top, for instance, looks so striking after being associated with dominant beige kitchen properties.

L-Shaped Kitchen with Oversized Island for Tuscan-Style Estate

Tuscany uses beige-toned materials to create an elegance and luxury in look. Raised-panel cabinetry and floor which are fully beige becomes perfect background for a black-finish kitchen island. A stool and island absolutely complement each other.

Mid-Size and Eat-In Kitchen with L-Shaped Counter and Island

A Victorian-style kitchen has been paired with other luxurious kitchen properties such as white island with wooden top, white-schemed and raised-panel cabinets, glass-front cabinets on kitchen’s top, black countertop, and a pair of expensive crystal chandeliers.

Traditional L-Shaped Kitchen with Mid-Sized Island and Mini Chandeliers

A pair of mini chandeliers gives a great elegance and also grants the space in a little whimsy. Overall, this mid-sized and L-shaped kitchen applies mid-sized island to make it balance with the kitchen’s space.

L-shaped Open Kitchen Idea

L-shaped kitchen is also perfect choice for an open kitchen style. The picture describes the series of white shaker cabinet are collaborated with expensive marble countertop and island. To maximize the eating area, the owner uses a minibar or breakfast bar with modern stools. White subway tiles for backsplash also support the white concept chosen by the owner. And, medium-toned wood floors here become the special accent that offers a warm nuance.

L-Shape Eat-In Kitchen Model in Mid-Size

A pair of rectangular chandeliers replaces the series of recessed lamps that normally give the lights over the island. Nice change, right? They give additional value to the space and they look much more striking after dark-toned kitchen properties and white-finished stools are added.

Tiny Eat-In Kitchen Model with L-Shaped Counter

Soapstone finishing is as luxurious as marble and granite. With black soapstone countertop and island, this tiny kitchen looks unique and much of value as well. Black-finishing appliances are added to empower the black accent in the kitchen.

Mid-Century L Shape Kitchen with Modern Touch

What amazing if we have Mid-Century kitchen with panorama. Like this kitchen idea. A Mid-Century L-shape kitchen has been designed with modern touch addition. It reflects high-intense of luxury and value with pale flat-panel cabinet series, white marble island, grey-finishing stools, medium tone floors, mosaic backsplash, multicolored backsplash’s walls, and a pair of grand pendant lamps over the island.

Eclectic Mid Century L-Shape Kitchen

An eclectic mid century kitchen with L-shaped counter here expresses simplicity and modernity. It’s obviously observed from properties’ design added to. The owner selects chrome stools to complement extra long island. The kitchen’s attractiveness here are group of kitchen elements such as white flat-panel cabinet series, industrial pendant lightings, wooden open shelving for kitchen and dishware, white subway tiles backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and dark walnut floors.

White-Dominant Glamour Kitchen with L-Shape Counter

White-dominant glamour kitchen here is equipped with L-shape counter, stainless steel appliances, white cabinet series, pale beige ceramic floors, a pair of modern stools, and glass-front cabinets on top.

Country French L-Shape Kitchen Design

If you like a French and Country style, just combine them as mix French-Country kitchen by put and install them with French & Country accents. The picture is an idea of French-Country style kitchen with L-shape counter, cabinets in fully white, twin of expensive crystal chandeliers, textured and white backsplash, large marble island, series of rustic stools, and dark wood-finish floors.

Unique! L-Shape Kitchen with Glass Window ‘Backsplash’

It’s so unique when discovering transparent glass panels installed as the kitchen’s backsplash. Such idea is found the picture above. At glance, the kitchen looks like a common kitchen, but the backsplash is built from panels of glass that are installed as window ‘backsplash’. You can adapt this idea for your kitchen.

Bright & Elegant L-Shape Kitchen

Making fun when cooking in such bright & elegant L-shape kitchen. The kitchen is dominated by white kitchen cabinets and counter. Light grey countertop and subway tiles backsplash offer another appealing color to beautify the kitchen. Dark tone like dark finish wood floors and island’s base as if they reduce the visual effect of room’s brightness.

Rustic L-Shape Kitchen Model with Modern Appeal

Rustic always brings elegance and closely related to use of natural components. This transitional kitchen has been designed in rustic style collaborated with much of modern appeal. Rustic is clearly seen from the materials and tones use, and modern appeal is easily recognized from the design of each kitchen component.

Sunnyside L-Shape Kitchen Remodel with Island & Integral Wine Storage

Natural lights like sunlights will easily enter into this room through large glass windows. This sunnyside kitchen attracts many people’s heart because it has a good and perfect dark-bright tone combination. More interestingly, its L-shape island has been inserted with wine storage.

L-Shape Kitchen with Elements to Improve Much of Appeal, Function, and Traffic


Want to change your kitchen without re-modeling it? It’s simple, just add it with kitchen elements to improve appeal, function, and traffic in your kitchen. Rectangular island is replaced with curved island to improve and to optimize island’s function. Here, you can welcome and entertain your guess while cooking.

Contemporary L-Shape Kitchen with Curved Island

A curved island installed in a contemporary kitchen helps to improve kitchen value. It’s much more delightful after several black stools being added. Also, take a look at island’s under part where we’ll find wine storage. It’s simple but significant for kitchen. Isn’t it?

Modern-Minimalist Kitchen with L-Shape Counter and Island

Both kitchen island and countertop are designed in L-shape and covered with dove black surface. This tone suits to one of wall sides that is also painted with similar color. To make a contrast look, the island’s base is paired with dark finish wood stools. That’s so attractive, right?

Seaside L-Shape Kitchen Concept

If you love ocean and want to remodel your kitchen into seaside kitchen concept, just simply adds some accessories and tones closely connected to ocean livings. Turquoise, white, and navy blue are several tone options you can choose to garnish your kitchen.

L-Shape Kitchen with Fresh Green Island

Green island sounds so interesting. Isn’t it? This kind of color tone is able to be accent in a kitchen designed in any styles. It is also matched with wood finishing applied on cabinets and stools.

Asymmetrical French-Style Kitchen with Eclectic L-Shape Island

Want to try a new French-style kitchen concept? This one is just one of the samples of new French-style concepts. The kitchen is dominantly covered by white tone. To make it more striking, the owner complements it with patterned linen rug, semi-classic pendant lamps, and typically-French windows.

L-Shape Kitchen with Island-Roof Similarly

It’s unique when we apply a kitchen island that is similar to roof’s shape. Both are triangular with special accent addition (dove black for island and recessed lamps for roof). White flat-panel cabinetry, then, is pair with black subway tiles backsplash off to reinforce kitchen’s concept: white and black. Black stools are also contrasting with the island’s base.


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