10 Most Inspiring Kitchen Designs You Won’t Skip To Give You A Lot of Fun Experience in Cooking & Baking

clean look and minimalist kitchen clean blue walls accented with some series of open shelving units wood top countertop flower motif tile backsplash and floors white cabinetry Pinterest

Kitchen is the heart of home. In modern days, kitchen is set as a semi-public sphere of home where you can do a lot of fun activities like prep. for cooking, making your morning coffee, or even prep, your meals for diet. To make these things quite more fun, you need a kitchen set that accommodate your needs. Well, to give you more references and inspirations about the kitchen set design, hopefully these ideas will inspire you for next projects. Let’s check them out.

Clean and simple. I love the backsplash installation that works perfectly with the whole kitchen countertop and cabinetry. They’re all in the same tone, light gray. The wood element addition like in the stools and open shelving units definitely add warm and natural appeal to this kitchen. The floor transition also creates a statement in this cooking space. Inspiring.

I’ve spotted two statements here, the backsplash and reclaimed wood shelves. They add a special texture as well as a character to the kitchen. Finished in matte blue, the cabinetry looks so stunning without breaking up the simplicity and clean look of room. Loveable.

It’s cool, combining an industrial and rustic in one frame of kitchen interior. It’s clear that the space exposes a rawness and originality of bare concrete applied in the kitchen island. It feels ‘heavy’ and unfinished. Of course this adds the special texture and tone. The floors, look at that base, are textural and uniquely fun due to their terra cotta materials.

Clean line, simple, and minimalist. The kitchen tends to display a mix of minimalist and indutsrial concept exactly exposed by a full concrete finish, including the countertop. The walls are intentionally made of wood planks for textural and warm look. The designer here also uses the concrete finish to all outdoor kitchen interior for a low-budget project.

Ultra-modern kitchen with a little bit of rustic touch simply presented by the bricks and hardwood finishes. A line of modern industrial accent light fixture is so stunning; it adds a beautiful contrast in look due to its boldly black finish.

A large kitchen idea with the brick walls as the accent of room. Such a big kitchen is an ideal and dream kitchen for cooking lovers. It will make them explore easily in prep and cooking the foods. Look at the walls of kitchen island also roled as a kitchen bar. They look striking with the colorful vintage tile installation. It adds a texture and a rich tone.

Industrial-rustic style adopted in this kitchen set is trapping an old loft plan featured some vintage metallic pieces. It exposes more on heavy materials like the hardwood and black-wrought iron finishes as the basics; but here we’ve a subway ceramic tile installation for the backsplash. This is so classic and authentic. This element of course adds a special character to this industrial-rustic kitchen.

It’s clean look yet textural by flowery motifs. Inspired by Scandinavian-minimalist, the kitchen exposes a clean blue wall finish highlighted by stunned flowery tiled backsplash. Wood-finish countertop here adds warm feel.

For more sophisticated and modern kitchen, this idea seems so inspiring. Supported with a full glass roof installation plus metal trims, the kitchen will be a lighted-space. The idea allows us to enjoy amount of natural light can passing through the glass roofs. We can also see how the trees and their green leaves perfectly give us a natural shade from the overheated sunlight getting in the space.

small kitchen idea a couple of black metal stools wood top breakfast table installed along the walls modern industrial bulb lamps clean white kitchen cabinetry


What a practical space, a small kitchen with the best and most completed features. The kitchen is supported with a small breakfast nook furnished with a couple of black metal stools. White-wood color hues dominate the space, creating a warm and bold contrast in such a stylish kitchen. Three series of bulbs here give a modern touch with industrial character. Creative.

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