Look For A New Inspiration of Scandi-Minimal Home with Classic-Modern Touches? Selina Lauck’s Apartment Gives You Inspiring Ideas

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I’m really happy when I see my blog and many viewers really love my home tour section on blog. To appreciate them, today I would like to share one more about the home tour, and now I will concern on minimalist Scandinavian home with adorable interiors and exteriors. Guided by Louise Parker from Studio Gabriielle, here we’ll begin walking around the lovely apartment (Berlin Apartment) owned by a famous blogger and stylish, Selina Lauck.

With the theory ‘less is more’, Selina grabs these words as the grand idea to redecorate her apartment. Starting from the hallway, she believes that simplicity is the true beauty in home design and architecture, and she applied it well in her hallway where you’ll merely find a simple wood bench and a black-framed wall mirror. In general, this space is designed in clean look, bright, and minimalist.

I love this idea so much. It visualizes a clean backdrop (means the white walls) featuring natural color schemes perfectly presented by the greenery and wood element. Overall look is simple yet so aesthetic.

From this interior, it’s clear that Selina combined two different styles, classic and modern, in one frame. The ceilings and the connected parts between the walls and ceilings (cornice) are obviously full of crafted details. The floors, in addition, consist of old-age wooden tile installation look so classic, and it would be so unique when some modern furniture sets fill the space.

Wooden tile installation is intentionally chosen to expose the hidden beauty. It also brings character to this space. I appreciate to Selina since she’s very brave to collaborate classic interior facade with ultra-modern interior pieces, including the furniture.

Selina says that her living room is a masterpiece. The space highlights some special parts exposing a lot of beautiful details like parquet floors, panelled doors, and cornice that visually stand out the whole room. These elements are obviously showcasing the original and classic look.

Focusing on minimalist and simple living space, Selina dreams of comfortable and personal bedroom, so she designed the sleeping space that allowed her to relax and to spend most of time curling up on bed. She then completed her ‘nest’ with the finest bedding yet comfortable. The bedroom furniture is simple and affordable but actually they’re expensive investment.

Still about Selina’s bedroom, seen from outside of room, the floors are the natural wood planks, meaning that they look more original (without any finishing) and keep exposing the original texture and tone. Selina selects this kind of floors to bring the real warmth.

Why floating dresser? Maybe Selina needs a practical, stylish, and space-efficient furnishing piece that can support her minimalist-lifestyle. The color combination (white and light wood color) really works for this setting. About the decoration, the homeowner prefers the simplest items like a mini porcelain vase completed with the growing plant where she put it right beside her beautiful mirror.

Selina decided to choose tan and wood color as the primary tones for her kitchen. Both colors are rather similar in visual, but they offer warmth and comfort. Marble finish is coating the countertop and backsplash for durable, water-resistant, and stylish surface. Of course, it’s genius idea.

To meet the Scandinavian style, Selina uses light wood finish to the furniture and she adds black accents to the table’s base for beautiful contrast. She also adds a wall-mounted pendant with black lampshade for stylish look.

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