Make Your Favorite Broken Skateboard into A Funky Furniture

Playing skateboard with your friends can really make your day. Learning a new technique, whether jumping or running through railing, can increase your confidence since it increases your skill and you receives many attentions. However, what will you do if your skateboard broken? It will be such a waste if you just put it in a garbage. You may have many memories with it, but you do not know how to keep it without appearing unpleasant in your room. Making the broken skateboard into a furniture is a great solution.

Deckstool has been years creating stools made from old skateboards. Thanks to Jason Podlaski, the unusable skateboard can be used as a trendy furniture with a passionate history in each scratch. The inspiration comes when the designer is asked by his brother to make a furniture from some broken skateboards. Because most of the skateboard shattered in a half, Jason tries to make a stool from it and he did it.

However, besides the long pieces broken skateboard, many smaller parts also exist. The small pieces, of course, cannot be converted into a furniture. Therefore, Deckstool make them as wall decoration and clocks. For wall decoration, that officially sold first, the designers make a double-headed wall hook. Called SkateHook, the creative wall hook can be placed anywhere. If you place it in the hallway, you can use it for hanging your coats, umbrella, or bags. It is also a gorgeous hook for towels or jackets. Moreover, it also can be a funky charging place for your phone or tablet.

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