Cute and Cheerful Nautical Kid’s Bathroom Theme

Designing a kid’s bathroom should be thought carefully since it has different characteristics from the usual bathroom. Kid’s bathroom should be fun and full of decorations, so they will have no bad impression towards the room and feel comfortable inside it. Various themes are available and one of the best themes is sea. Nautical theme fits for both boy and girl, so other kids can also use your bathroom without feeling awkward. Some tips to create sea bathroom theme are presented here and you can start do it from now.

We will begin from the wall paint. The wall painting gives a big effect for the whole theme. If you want something simple, you can just paint the wall with white and navy blue color in horizontal strip. This color combination creates sea feeling immediately because it reminds you about sailor uniform. If you want to create more cheerful ambience, change the navy color with yellow. Painting the wall with your own imagination and creativity is better because you can create unique design that differs from other bathrooms. You can draw wave or other items from beach scene, such as sea creatures, lighthouse, sand castle, and more.

Besides the wall, the decorations are also important. Put round mirrors that looks like porthole or square mirror with starfish or shells on the border above the dresser table. The other unique decoration for nautical bathroom theme is your child’s photos taken on beach or boat. Those fun pictures will make the kid’s bathroom matchless and beautiful.


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