Ocean Bohemian Interior Decor Idea: Let’s Get to Know More

coastal bohemian living room layout idea Becki Owens

When talking about the home decor ideas, personally I want to share more about the most recent home decor trend. Coastal Bohemian concerns more on neutral, clean, and light accentuated by rich color, organic texture, and modern black finishing. I’m glad to share to you some ideas of Coastal Bohemian interior decor inspired by Becki Owen’s. Take a look inside and be ready to get inspired.

Clean and bright are obviously felt in this entryway, but it gets much interest on the centered pendant and the runner. Both differently present mass of lux by their rich color. Pendant with gold-toned finishing & glass really performs elegance and be a centerpiece of top area, on the other hand, the runner keeps elegant with its dark, neutral, and textural prints, specifically designed for a welcome piece in this part of interior.

About the living room, it definitely showcases fully lighted space with dominant white (including sofas and custom draperies). The designer just puts a little black applied on floor lamps and striped rug for more color accents, and the houseplant here assists the space gets the airy feel.

Wooden furniture is still favorite product. We see that the chosen ones display unique details like this coffee table. Yes, it lets exposing the natural cracks & holes, but the design keeps visualizing the modern one that’s clean line and minimalist.

On clean & white background interior, it’s relatively easy to create mass of textural colors just like adding any contrasted color schemes. These black leather chair and fury blanket, for instance, instantly give visual interest and warmth to the space, and surely make the space modern. A wooden side table, additionally, brings the organic coastal appeal.

In this corner, we’ve found vintage textiles clearly used on throw pillows and framed wall decoration. They visually add the pattern to this space and exactly give color accent in this plain-look interior.

X-base wood stool and white sofa put side by side create an eclectic look, making them look beautifully contrasted. Wood element and vivid plants give natural touch in minimal way. Gorgeous!

The dining nook is faced at the cooking area for more intimate atmosphere. The furniture and chandelier look similar in tone but actually they’re different. The tone also drives us to remain about the lightly natural color schemes. It can also be said the whole furniture sets want to rely on the texture, not the color, and fortunately this adds visual interest.

The light woven wood chairs, of course, automatically make statement of room. They perfectly complement another light wood furnishing piece like this round dining table. Keep them stunning by contrasting them with existed deep blue buffet and black front door.

Natural wood with deep blue-finishing serves clear glass jars and wood bowls nicely, and extremely adds a coastal touch to this space.

Interior layout also affects how we personally figure out the whole style that wants to adopt. This one previews a symmetry is the main focus in which all interior pieces are set in a good balance and fairly same on left-right sides.

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