Ranch Home Designs with Porches

Ranch home design emphasizes the convenience, openness, and friendly-nature. The construction is designed with few interior walls. Most ranches home designs also efficient-use space. They are completed with some large windows and porch (front or back porch). Ranch home designs are now getting popular, especially for those who are living in urban or sub-urban areas. Ranch home constructions are so identical with rustic building style because most materials used are solid woods, logs, or natural stones.

There is one more thing that so identical with porch home designs. That’s correct! It’s a porch. It looks incomplete when you see a ranch home without a porch. Ranch home designs with porches are common. The porch is used as another spot to have gathering or relaxing with family members. That’s why in a porch, we often find supporting features for relaxing and gathering, such as the series of furniture (hanging chair/ swing chair, settee, wood chairs, rattan chairs, sofa, side table, etc).

Everyone must delight when their ranch’s porch looks cozy and beautiful. To pursuit such beauty in ranch home designs with porches, actually you have many ways. There are a lot features you can used as the beautifier for porch. Attractive hang-pots with decorative plants are only the few. A ceiling fan with decorative lighting, wall-mount lighting fixtures and multiple colors pillows can be add for the porch.

Porch railing models also affects the porch look. Most of ranch home designs with porches are employed with vertical wood railing systems. The railing here has double roles: as the security guard and as the porch decoration. It must look different if you compare two types of ranch’ porch, one with railing and one without railing. Which one that looks more interesting?

Reference: www.homeplans.com

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