Get Modern-Industrial With These Inspiring Bare Concrete-Finish Interior Ideas

dreamy living room with raw concrete wall and smoot concrete floors wood plank ceilings metallic chair tufted shag rug in white black Pinterest

Enjoy the finest modern industrial effect of polished concrete in your home. The concrete finish can give you a typical textural tone that effortlessly creates a statement, and this is commonly applied for walls and floors. Concrete effect comes in several options: traditional concrete scheme, pale-tone concrete finish, darker/ lighter concrete, and moody gray; and they even can give other visual effects depending on concentration level, texture, and existing interior complementary aspects (furniture, theme, design, etc). Well, to answer your curiosity about the concrete finish application and the resulted effect, let’s getting to know it from this page. Just scroll the page down and be ready to adore each idea.

Same tone yet slightly different. This concrete application creates a subtle contrast, more textural on top (assisted by the hexagon-patterned tiles) and totally flat on base. Metallic fixtures here surely add another tone that’s visually elegant and modern.

Concrete-finish ceiling here is just an accent but it creates an incredible visual effect. When the finish is collaborated with all-white interior walls and floors, it obviously brings a perfect blend where you’ll find minimalism and industrial in the same frame.

This bedroom shows how to feature plywood with concrete finish. We all see that the designer tries to use these two basic materials in balanced proportion, and each finish has different character, plywood makes warm effect while concrete gives durability as well as textural tone to the bedroom.

Looks like brutal style yet this is softer and calmer. Both ceiling and wall are coated with traditional concrete finish, relatively close to hard-textured surface, but green tile floors here soften a bit the existing concrete interior.

Soft and light – this is a proof that concrete isn’t always hard textured, cold-feel, industrial, etc. With lighter one, the space looks homey and comfy even the walls and ceilings are finished in concrete. Just set up the lighting for warmer space.

Warm and cold presented by wood and concrete finishing. It’s genius to combine these two basic finish kinds for such a wonderful house. You just need to figure out the proportion of each finish for a dreamy setting that suits your personal style.

So unique, industrial but airy-feel. Oversized glass windows and door help a lot to create an airy-feel in this dining room, and you’ll find two types of concrete finish here: traditional concrete (exposing original concrete texture and tone) and gloss concrete floors that add modern and clean look.

Ultra modern meets industrial – the idea produces clean look with bare concrete finish as the industrial-style maker in room, giving a beauty contrast in base and top of interior.

With bare industrial aesthetic, this corner shows its charm simply through original tone and texture; always be perfect background for any ornate pieces including such concrete planters.

Looks so masculine and worn, but this is happening today – using bare concrete-textured finish for both walls and floors. Contemporary furnishing pieces are often being nicest pairing items as they create a genius blend that meets the worn interior with fresh, new interior pieces. What a good balance!

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