Shoes and Boot Storage – Creative DIY ideas

How many pair of shoes that you have at home? For some fashionista, shoes and bags are the most important things in their life. New season means new collection, and you know that plenty of designers compete to attract the customers. Therefore, there is no wonder that almost of women even men have plenty of shoes and bags. Moreover, a month ahead is winter, and it pushes people to buy new boot. Then, how to organize all of those stuff in style? here you can learn from some shoes and boot storage ideas!

The most wonderful shoes and boot storage is the one which is made from several big pipes. Yeah, it should be adiy storage idea that pushes you to refined what is wasted around the house. combining one cut of pipe to another cut will shape them into such amazing part of honeycomb. Stunning!

Further, fo you who love bright colors, white and pink storage combination will add value to your boot and shoes storage. Several racks are sometimes not enough if you always buy new pair for every season!

Crate model shoes and boot storage becomes an awesome idea to make your day even more adorable to start. Bathed in soft pink, purple and soft green color, the wooden crate shoes and boot storage are just wonderful to adore!

The one with storage bin model can be the most stylish one with various colors applied inlcuding pink, green and blue. Placed in the mud room, it becomes the focal point of the starting point footage before the living room!


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