Shoji Screen Doors, Striking Asian Latticework for Traditional Asian Look

Shoji screen is used for many purposes. This screen is originated in Japan and it uses as paper panel with wood frame for sliding doors and room partitions. The screen offers sophistication and simplicity as well and it is effective for limited space. Attractively, shoji is able to diffuse the natural light to whole space of home.

Shoji screen doors are so charming to apply for any home styles. Don’t ever think that this type of doors is only matching with Asian-themed home or any traditional-Asian homes. They can also fit modern or even minimalist home styles. With hardwood frame addition, the doors look so stunning and striking as much as the original Japanese shoji screen doors. The door has also been provided in a wide range of frame models.

Based on wood frame models, we have custom built and in-stock wood frame selections. If you like your own frame design, custom built is good choice for you. Your builder will be assisted by giving the newest references of frame model. You will be provided the finest materials and professional executor like a shoji tailor. But if you want a practical one, shoji screen doors are ready to be shipped on your address. These products are available in various sizes (4 standard sizes) and wood kinds (cherry, oak, etc).

Available in two main types: single-sided shoji screen doors and double-sided shoji screen doors. In selecting a new shoji screen door, the room size becomes the most important thing to consider. The size also will affect the size of shoji screen door selection. Don’t forget to pay attention for its details, such as color, flatness, grain, and wood frame. Make sure that all these elements are long last for next generations.


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