Sustainable Home Design – Energy Saving and Accessibility

What kind of home design where you live right now?is it the modern one, or may be you prefer to nest in a home with traditional style? of course, there are various choices for you to own a home with certain style. however, not all of the designs are suitable with the current condition. To deal with the global warming issue, isn’t it great to have a sustainable home design? yeah, a home that will be comfortable to stay at, and the one which offers energy saving character like follow.

The first stunning sustainable home design comes with outrageous double height interior design. it employs glass material here and there, and all the way you can see from the interior is the natural background outside. The flexibility makes you hard to choose whether to stay upstairs with great angle of visibility or to live downstair with extended outdoor living space. So tempting!

The next idea of making your home to be the eco-friendly one is by adding rooftop garden. Yeah, a garden that will make the roof looks like a farm. Filling the space with various flower and plants shares not only beautiful outlook but also fresh airy nuance to enjoy and breath.

A bedroom design in the attic with open plan becomes the next awesome idea to save the space as well as the energy. There is no need to turn the light on as the natural light outside is available to brighten the interior.

A wonderful kitchen and living space could be the best hang out vibe if you make the wall like a screen with beautiful picture captured!


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