Ten Great Ideas of Metal Finish Influencing Your Home Interior

modern living room maroon sofa zebraskin patterned accent pillows round glass top coffee table striped neutral carpeting idea a reclining chair and table copper finish fireplace Freshome

It’s true that metal is visually ‘hot’ and trendy. Many popular blogs of interior design bring metallic accessories and metals as the potentially huge thing in architecture and home decor.

How cozy you feel with this metal trend actually depends on the style of home you’ve chosen. The modern design lovers, for instance, probably feel comfortable when using some particular metal elements like stainless steel, iron, and other metallic materials, but it will different for rustic or country home lovers who just use those metals to add special texture and intrigue to their home.

Here, I’ve collected ten ideas of metal application for home interior that probably will be your inspiration. Are you ready to start scrolling down the page?

When your space is in good balance, it’s not only visually comfortable for the eyes, but it’s also aesthetic, particularly in creating a particular sense of beauty. In this space, I really feel a well-synergy of warmth (obtained from the oak) and coldness (brought by the metal finish) that then support the balanced mixture of those opposite forces.

Metal finish is so identical with industrial style and it’s well-implemented in this industrial style home. Its rough texture and appearance remind us about the strength and solidness made by this nature. Based on the appearance, metal obviously mirrors the masculine which is closely connected to the power. When it’s combined with solid wood, the metal looks much more dominant, but still complete each other. What a nice!

modern bedroom idea gold toned wall with patterns bed frame with tufted headboard blue bedding treatment white shag rug two bedside tables with drawer system table lamps


Warm gold walls with patterns truly evoke more the beauty of each objects around it. The pieces of furniture look more obvious when paired with this glowing wall.

modern living room maroon sofa zebraskin patterned accent pillows round glass top coffee table striped neutral carpeting idea a reclining chair and table copper finish fireplace


It’s common to see a fireplace with natural stones for the surround, but it will look different if we use metal finish as the fireplace’s surround. The copper, for example. It’s able to make your fireplace trendier and more stylish. The color of copper finish, of course, gives a special textural and characterful tone to your fireplace and the overall interior.

Some pieces of mirrored metallic furniture fill up this ultramodern living room. These pieces are made of chrome and designed beautifully with perfect details. They’re playful furniture addition that provides a stylish, modern, as well as cozy spots for fun conversation.

modern living room single chair in leather finishing gold toned metal side table glossy black finish log coffee table brass finish pendant in modern style modern fireplace

Cascade Coil

Metal doesn’t have to be bleak and cold visually. There are some metal kinds serving warm look while powerfully strong in appearance. Brass and gold-toned metals are just two examples. Look at the pendant and side table; there’re totally different in finishing but bring huge impact of warmth and luxury to this space. Wonderful.

semi rustic kitchen idea traditional kitchen island with white top wood stools white kitchen cabinets ceramic tiled floors wood ceilings

Home Bunch

For achieving more rustic look, copper is the best choice. Just apply it for minor interior pieces like copper pans or copper pots that actually can create much effect of rustic without breaking the grand interior style.

metallic finish wall idea for home office

Cascade Coil

Using metal for some unexpected spots like the wall. The idea can help you creates an eclectic space with full of glamour and masculine touch.

rustic kitchen idea copper panel for cookingware wood ladder concrete walls

Cascade Coil

Rustic means unrefined and earthy. Pick the natural metals for earthier look, or you can mix it with modern touch for more stylish & modern result. The rustic-vintage pieces or even worn ones sound perfect for this setting. This screwed copper panel plus the iron cookware, for instance, really bring out rustic style. This package absolutely gives visual warmth to this interior.

Larger iron planks wall really brings industrial style, but the furnishing choice has added a modern look to this room. With spotlighted light effect, the room gets a dramatic light effect that evokes more a modern touch.

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