Ten Hottest Tiles for Trendiest Statement of Bathrooms

hard texture hexagon tile floors freestanding oval bathtub in modern style freestanding shower faucet made of stainless steel Interior Zine

After we’re satisfied with wallcovering products we’ve reviewed previously, now it turns to start sharing about another part of home decorating idea that can bring the huge impact to home’s value and aesthetic. Yes, we want to collect the ideas of the selected tiles that can give hotel-like impact to your bathroom and powder room. Just scroll down the page and begin to adore these inspiring statement bathrooms with stunning tile option.

Pink tiles with white border lines. This tiling technique has transformed the bathroom into the trendiest one. The chosen shower fixtures like this white bathtub and sink make a contrast in smoothest way.

Just add a heavy accent to make a statement in your bathroom. The accent could be the style or color of tiles. This bathroom, for instance, obviously exposes a perfect color combination of dark and light color shades. In one side of bathroom wall, you’ll find chevron-patterned accent that instantly makes the space stands out.

Green is always recharging and fully works to make the whole space fresh and visually alive. These octagonal tiles, of course, provide unique geometric shapes visually perform stylish and calm look.

Accent grout; tiles with accent grout absolutely makes minimalist look but still showcasing the aesthetic value through their red pigment.

Looks so ‘crowded’ on color but nice visually. Use white as the background of colorful chips and pick wood as the best pair. This idea is an instant way to prove that the crowds of color perfectly work well with natural element, especially wooden.

wavy tile walls with texture in white wooden bathroom vanity wall mounted rack modern pendants in white

Avalon Flooring

A dimensional tile will add ‘wow’ look to any spaces including your bathroom. There are many choices of products and one of them is these wavy ridges. When this element is combined, you will get a bold and modern tiling technique, or even classic and subtle one as you want.

Clean and minimalist, and mostly soft shade – these requirements are ideal for modern minimalist bathrooms that expose more on practical use and simple look. Soft pink is chosen for more feminine visualization and when white features it, the space goes to brighter.

Today there are many designers introduce the bathroom designs inspired by the bedrooms – separating or uniting without partitions or borders. This idea of course creates much more relaxed, artistic, pleased, and healthy nuance. Large-size tile composition also becomes the nicest option for such open-space.

Red brick-like tiles remain us about the warming earth, nature, or even desert. They have richness of texture and clean-lined look when applied as the wall background for the collections – shower-tray & bathtub.

Solid floors built by hexagon tiles offer hard-texture surface as well as natural beauty. An oval-shaped bathtub here affects the whole space to automatically transform into a contemporary look. Stainless steel element on freestanding shower faucet adds more contemporary appeal. Simply stunned!

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