Ten Adorable Wallcovering Designs: Colors, Features, Prints, and Textures Expressing Your Personal Style

muted duck egg colored wallcovering product light gray couch with throws Removable Wallpaper

When discussing about the color trend for home decor & architecture, one thing that we want to share more is the wallcovering in which there are so many options of wallcovering products for interiors and exteriors. But in this opportunity, we just want to specifically present those whose neutral color schemes that pretty fit any decors. We all know that neutrals are best alternatives for feminine & masculine decorating ideas, depending on what objects involved in. The schemes are also extra easy to stick to any decor styles. Well, to describe these recommended products, here we want to collect and to share ten best ideas of neutral-schemed wallcoverings that are visually outstanding for your interiors.

Copper-like wallcovering idea for elegant, calm, and boldly striking in visualization. Actually, this coverkind is the layer of patina with a bit gold ink mixture. The resulted effect is so awesome and perfectly fits rustic, vintage, or something shabby or old-school.

White and textured surface – simplicity brings elegance and pretty easy to coordinate with any colors, starting from light to bold.

To add natural touch, this fresh-look wallcovering seems to be the best choice. Its light palette becomes the nicest background for the bolder patterns – giving earthy tone that visually goes with the pattern idea, floral.

A lot of colors and prints seem like a busy wallcovering visually, but they’re making us pretty easy to feel fun just with this poppy color combination. It isn’t wrong if you want to feature it with something natural like wood element for warm touch.

Similar to previous image, this wallcovering exposes vivid and fresh display in wall, creating a direct interest to the space generally. A giant digital clock here acts as a modern focal point which is existed among this eye-catching wallcovering.

This wallcovering is inspired by daily nuance that mostly describes morning sunshine, blue ocean, and the breeze of air. The colors are obviously rooted from land of Madagascar presenting more on the strength of nature. Through the walls, we can transmit the energy of wild nature. Interesting!

Actual information says that this wallcovering is evocative in 1930s and now becomes one of most popular wallpaper products in the world. The color is simple and muted chalky- working so well with metallic tone.

Really impressive! An ornamental patterns show high-tech prints that clearly express the 3D patterns. Silver tone of course means a luxury in minimalist way, and it’s pretty effective to make these two chairs stand out.

Gold shells wallcovering offers the richness of textural color that easily brings the uniqueness to this space. It looks more dramatic when we put the windy white curtains in window next to the walls.

The wallcovering showcases the figurative patterns. They aren’t woven; they’re just printed. When we look at the color combination, it’s obvious that there is a balance idea of a poppy turquoise palette and earthy one. More interestingly, the prints look like those made using oil-painting technique, glossy and visually oily.

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