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metro tile installation from Topp Tiles in mustard with bright grouts Pinterest

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’re tile obsessive. Indoors, outdoors, walls, and floors could be more impressing they’re finished in proper and artsy tile options and we don’t mind about the patterns and colors to apply with; they must be amazingly make any space gorgeous and bring special character. Browsed from Pinterest page, I’ve found and collected some tile options maybe you want to try it out to your home. Join with us to know each in more details. Let’s check them out.

If you just need an easy and little feature in your small area like the bathroom, these spectacular tiles are recommended to you. Finished in white with simple lining black accents, the tile installation looks like an art with splash of modern line prints. Of course, it would be a statement in your bathroom or kitchen.

But if you want to remodel your walls or floors just a little bit, metro tiles are good choice. They’re just fresh maker and can transform the old-look walls or floors into the new ones. This pink tile installation by Topp Tiles, for instance, can be different in installing technique (to create a particular pattern). It’s also optional about the grouts. The grout with the same color sometimes becomes an instant trick to get an embossed wallpaper effect.

Shimmering gloss tiles saved this bathroom. This tile installation has stolen my heart and I really get inspired to have the same product for my bathroom. I call the color the light gray but it’s more luxurious with the gloss finish. I agree to install these tiles for overall bathroom vanity (including the backsplash and countertop). Why? Their shimmering gloss finish reminds us about the water pouring the tiles.

Pretty sure that everyone adores this tile installation. The color scheme is wonderfully beautiful. The color simply adds the accent to this bathroom. These metro tiles potentially make any designs seem to be classic but not too dated. Designers say layers of metro tile application can create a dramatic aesthetic especially on color (be more textural).

light tan tile walls without grouts marble countertop light pink pendant


Tile installation becomes one of the most essential characteristics of modern or contemporary kitchens and this kitchen has successfully been the one that attracts me. Its light tan color adds warmth and beautiful contrast to everything around.

These beautiful tiles are designed by Fired Earth and available in many color options. Futurism Tiles, they’re called, bring cheerful look obviously delivered by their soft color schemes. In herringbone pattern, the tiles are recommended for bathrooms and kitchens.

Herringbone parquet is also recommended for walls and floors. Half-way installation is now becoming most recent trend and you can get the most stylish tile installation by trying out this idea. White and navy blue seem to be a perfect color combination for this because it creates a significant contrast as well as a backdrop.

This idea shows the most stunning tile installation idea for the kitchen backsplash. Sourced from the same color, just different in color intense, the tiles definitely raise the mood during in the kitchen. The colors as if create a little bit of textural surface. It’s so cool after brass finish completes the kitchen.

For simpler setting, stone herringbone tile installation sounds great to try out. Just pick the different herringbone for more creative look, making everyone staring at the backsplash impressed.

The way designer installs the tiles reminds us about simple and minimalist Scandinavian style. It’s simply luxurious yet so modern. Based on visual, the tiles have no grout, so it’s cleaner in look.

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