Whirling Staircase Design with Jaw-Dropping Size in Northern England

The house remodelling that comes about in the center of Yorkshire Dales, Northern England, has been beyond expectation with extra feature that involves Bisca, straicase specialists, in finalizing the remodelling. Under these ingenious specialists, huge whirling staircase is displaced along with the disclosure of the ground floor. Initially, the space displayed an out of tune style and the extent between the head and the ceiling was too low along with the presence of wood construction within. Yet, shortly after the staircase replacement, recent contemporary interior design is presented.

Striding across the farmhouse, the giant whirling staircase transfoms to be the focal point in the entire space. Sited in the middle of the room, the staircase whirls to connect each floor and to merge a giant bookcase that reaches from floor to ceiling in length. The staircase design features natural components, like for the treads and its risers out of English Oak, for the balustrade uprights made from steel, and for the handrails are out of leather. The whirling structure also helps creating an illusion that expands the farmhouse.

The placement of whirling staircase into the house is a great feature that enables to bring elegance and style. Not only that, the design can highly work in the cramped space to connect one floor to another floor as it creates expansive illusion. Natural light radiating from the upper floor can also reach the ground floor with the installation of skylights on the ceiling.

Reference: home-designing.com

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