Sweeten Your Live with Ferm Living USA for Chic and Playful Home Nuance

Hello, with me again, Giselle here to encourage you for having sweet live and memorable days! Nothing but nuance that you consider the most everytime decorating your interior. It is closely related to your mood, spirit and also the quality of your life itself. To create cheerful and playful nuance, I recommend you to transform your interior into a ferm living usa. A chic style that will change all your gloomy live into such stunning one. Check it out!

You can start from your living room. It is very ideal to have modern yellow couch in the room. However, adding a unique coffee table is a must! Instead of the one made of wood, a crafted metal coffee table with diamond texture is the best one!

Another style looks gorgeous with skandinavian tone added. The sofa can be simple in flat cream model, but you can play the outlook by adding some geometric patterned cushions on it. A simple round white coffee table is the best couple!

Wall decoration is also the heart of firm living usa. It works with minimalist urban style which likes mounted rack on the wall. Some funny ornaments are added like owl toy and a small potted plant to fresh the scene.

If you want to have stunning planting system in your interior, tripod pot is a great design to apply ferm living usa. Not only pot, you can also work with your pendant light. A ferm bedroom showcases full skandinavian style with geometrical patterned sheet on the bed. awesome!

Reference: www.benjaminmoore.com

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