Shabby Chic Decor Ideas Inspired by The Expert Grandma’s

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Shabby chic decor idea closely relates to simple and antique with pastel color schemes. The patterns commonly used are inspired by feminine floral especially flowers. The style is also identical with vintage chic design referring the country chic.

Shabby chic lovers are usually those loving soft style and luckily this design is inexpensive and easy to get. In basic way, shabby chic uses antiques or old furnishing pieces that can be bought in many antique showrooms affordably and you just need to do antique makeover yourself.

Visit and read these most inspiring shabby chic decor ideas and get inspired. Many thanks to experts that provide me a lot of design choices I’ve picked up and shared in my page. Let’s have a look.

For a characterful living room, feature the distressed wood element with cool-colored upholstery. Shabby dusty blue wallpaper has created a subtle tone and antique-look area rug really completes the wood furnishings.

Redecorate your kids’ room with such fun and cheerful interior design idea. The space is furnished by traditional-designed daybed complemented with comfy blankets and throw pillows. You must be attracted by the color choices in which the designer chooses pop of colors like sunny yellow, deep blue, and baby pink rather than pastels for a chic look. It’s the worthiness if these color schemes are chosen for kids’ room where we’re finding the cheerfulness.

Combine minimal color palettes with lots of details. This idea can instantly makes both monotone palettes and details stand out each other. Many experts recommend layering these flat and bright-neutral palettes with sharp details of texture and patters. Why? It’s necessary to avoid a boring and flat look. You can stick whitewashed furnishings and walls with lace, linen, crochet, and grain finishing.

Sofa slipcovers uses ultra-soft line covers that give the warmth, comfort, and classy style. The throw pillows complement it. The overall furniture designs look worn but keep clean in white. Perfect!

It’s unique if we combine rustic and vintage style in one frame. Both perform powerful & characterful features but really don’t crash each other. By contrast, they complete one another.

Lace table-cover and pillowcases remind us about the grandma’s clothing. It’s so classic and fits the vintage style that’s really close to shabby chic look.

Spoil your girl through the simplest room decor retreat. Use her hobby for redecorating her private room. Ballerina motifs, for instance, are garnishing all furnishing pieces and sweet pink create a girly look. About the bedding treatment, the upholstery featuring flowers & hearts are purposely selected to match the wallpapers. Get flat, bright, yet classy floors with white paint. The color, of course, will be a neutral base for both interior & furniture.

Mismatched accessories are great idea to accentuate your vintage interior. In this bathroom, for instance, the space is highlighted by antique display & vintage console table that completely complement the existed vintage setting. Awesome.

Flower-prints still become the most favorite for shabby chic decor idea. You can apply them for your home interiors including the kitchen. One spot usually targeted is the walls, and flower-prints wallpapers are the signature of grandma’s vintage touch. The wallpapers stand out the whole room even when featured the white classic open shelves.

You can also add some antiques like these decorative antique plates that brings classic appeal in space. Now, such antiques are coming back as the recent trend in home decor. Place your antiques in right & proper place to make a big charm.

A comfy seating nook in vintage style. White and flower prints are still the kings of vintage that create clean and chic charm.

If you like sharper and deeper color schemes, it’s fine to put your favorite color schemes into your dream vintage interior design. Use playful colors like sunny yellow to stand out your existed white room.

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