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One stuff that you have to have in the kitchen is a measuring cup. This stuff is sold in many markets in the world. You can easily get this kitchen appliance. There are so many design of measuring cup that you can have. One sample is a turtle measuring cup. This cup is kind of good design which has turtle shaped. Therefore, this post will compare this turtle measuring cup with the common measuring cup used in the kitchen.

The first we can see the common measuring cup design. This common measuring cup has various colors and various size. This measuring cup is made of plastic concept with red, green, purple, and red color. The purple one is the bigger. This is all made of plastic, even though the handle is also made of plastic. The other sample has different concept which has plastic head, but the handle is made of metal. This is one of the best common measuring cup which is commonly used by many people.

Let us go to the turtle measuring cup sample. This measuring cup is quite unique and has shape like a turtle. There are various colors of this measuring cup like red, yellow, and green. Even though, its shape is like a turtle, but it is not used functionally. The turtle body is only for the place of the cup which is its eggshell. This measuring cup is also made of plastic design, but there are some of those which are made of granite. If we compare it with the common measuring cup made of metal, the turtle cup seems more adorable and cute. However, the metal made is more long lasting and more modern.

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