10 Ultimate Carpet Trends 2018

recycled carpet made of recycled plastic bottles Flooring Inc

Make your home so trendy and up-to-date just starting from your home floors. Use these best and inspiring carpet trends to cover up your floors and be ready to get the most significant transformation on your home base. These products are durable as well as stylish for all home designs.

A custom carpet idea with classic look but modern pattern, a good combination for such adorable kids’ room. The carpet visually fits the bed setting. It’s more like a dusty & shabby room.

This Dalton’s carpet is very modern. The hex patterns and color combination are so simple but represents what modern trend is. Really fits any room designs and furniture choices.

The carpet and wallpaper don’t have to match each other. You may want to pick the different one for your floor that’s totally different with your wallpaper. Like this idea, both visualize different color and pattern but still match each other. Here, it’s obvious that the homeowner chooses the blue carpet to match all furnishings and draperies. Good idea.

Warm and cozy. This nuance is simply created by good soft lighting and neutral color implemented on wall and floor. The floor is covered with light beige carpet accented with less-visible patterns. When the naked feet step on it, they’ll feel the texture, creating unique sensation.

Do you like contemporary shades? Just do a little transformation to your private space like your bedroom with your most favorite contemporary shades. The gray, for instance. Gray carpeted room sounds so recommended to fit your gray-finishing planks wall, making your bedroom more luxurious and modern. Balance the carpet with something warm like this warm-toned shag rug. A brilliant idea!

A medium gray carpet trend with a little darker shade accents. These darker shade adds special texture of color that apparently fits all furniture sets here. Textural but soft in look.

Ultra comfortable carpet for master bedroom. The carpet is designed in unique look and texture. The color here serves much warmth and balance when combined with such red bricks wall and curtains.

I love the wallpaper. It really contrasts with the carpet that gives warmth and coziness in look. Light-neutral bed frame and refreshing green corner chair add another tone to this room.

Use simple color, pattern, and texture for your floors if you want to have a cool and trendy floor’s cover. This vivid red carpet exposes invincible pattern and texture and only the sense of touch can feel them. It can be a bolder base when paired with more contrasting furnishings.

This is called the recycled carpet. This product is a trendy flooring treatment and friendly-environment one. Amazingly, this carpet is made of recycled plastic bottles.

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