Incredible Apartment in Guthenburg Splashed with Industrial Features

In an attempt to search comfortable as well as stylish living quarters, an apartment in Guthenburg offers gorgeous industrial design dominated with black and white theme. This open layout space is located in city center brings out calm and compatible Swedish living along with alluring rooftop sight. As stepping inside the main entrance, white-colored wall dominates the entire 67 m2 space, not only the room wall, yet white furniture also takes part within. Despite the white-dominated, additional industrial features create an appealing spark and become delightful accent throughout the room.

This apartment neatly incorporates sizable livingroom, urban kitchen, welcoming dining room with ten seats, snug working area, as well as cozy bedroom. A space amidst the living room and the dining room, a standing wall is constructed to support the furnishing units, yet its existence does not restrict the openness of the layout. The ceiling and the base molding are also in white, adding the brightness and broad dimensions, and to evoke the industrial elements, this apartment has wooden flooring that brings natural feeling into surface and also some metal elements. Two big windows are also instralled showcasing breathtaking view of the city and letting the way of sun light in throughout midday.

As an optimation of modern living condition, this incredible apartment can be a great option for solitary individual who craves for city centre apartment. Sprinkled with industrial features, the white modern apartment has been attractively designed to satisfy urban lifestyle.


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