Awesome Mirrors for Your Bathroom

Don’t you know that adding a mirror in your bathroom can give a wonderful effect? If you don’t, then it is the right time for you to do it now. Change the usual and boring medical cabinet with a mirror, and you will know the difference. Of course, besides to check your look, mirror can give your bathroom an elegant, fun, or even spacious touch for your bathroom. If you still do not believe it, let’s take a look at some photos below.

Floor-to-ceiling mirror is perfect for narrow or singular bathroom because it can create an illusion of space. The mirror can be a great decoration item too, because it reflects all the patina covered in furniture. Surprisingly, it gives an antique effect like the mirror is a wall with artistic wallpaper. If your bathroom has go-green theme or other themes related to green or nature, bamboo mirror is the perfect choice. The bamboo frame really brings out the theme of the room. For bathroom with full patterned wallpaper, a slim classic mirror can tone down the crowded graph, especially if your bathroom is quite narrow. Besides creating spacious sensation, the combination between classic and illustration in this bathroom is amazing.

If you have a wide cabinet with one or two sinks, it is better for you to also install a wide mirror. A wide mirror that has the same length with your vanity can give a balance for the interior. Moreover, it can accommodate two persons to use the mirror at the same time and it reflects more light nicely. as the result, your bathroom looks larger and brighter.

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