Modern Design of Victoria and Albert Tubs for Your Bathroom

There are so many collections of tubs that can you have and buy. There are so many companies that issue some tub designs that you can have. In this case, we will talk about one of the best tub designer which is called as Victoria and Albert tub. This tub has typical design, even though this tub is just like the common tub you use. Well, this is special and more adorable by the way. How does it look like anyway?

Victoria and Albert issues some tub designs, one of the best tub is called cup tub which is showed in the picture. This tub has shape like a cup with big size. The material used is granite made with white accent design. This tub is a little big and looks so adorable for such a modern bathroom concept. The other tub is called bowl tub which has the same material. The color used is also white granite concept with smaller design. This is also one of the best tub by Victoria and Albert anyway.

The other tub by Victoria and albert has different concept of material. This modern tub is made of tough plastic by the way. This tub in fact has the same white color as the other has. The size is quite medium. It is just the material used which makes it different though. The other tub has square shaped with granite made. This tub is mostly used in the apartment design of bathroom. Well, those are some samples of Victoria and albert tub design for now. Actually, there are a lot more, perhaps next time the writer will bring the next tub design.


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