Get Inspired with These Ten Gorgeous Gray and White Living Room Ideas

contemporary living room idea gray wall color large glass windows purely white couches log top coffee table with mertal legs tuscan area rug dark wood floors Muratore Corp

Gray and white living room looks nice for any home designs. It offers light, airy, and simple visualization and fits other kinds of interior accessories and furnishings. These light and neutral color schemes is also the best primary tone option especially if you want to make it as a background for your colorful, bright, or multicolored pieces.

If you are so curious about the ideas of gray and white living room, here I would like to share ten best ideas of gray and white living room that possibly make you inspire with. Let’s scroll your cursor down, and start to get inspired.

Gray always cools down the space, so it helps creating an airy atmosphere in that space. This light scheme is also able to soften the reflective white resulted by too-dazzling sunlight (when Summer), so the space will be ‘quieter’ or muted. Add a multicolored abstract painting over the light gray sofa and now you have the coziest spot to entertain your guests.

Clean white look features some frames of artistic wall arts – a clever idea to accent the white walls. Also, contrast it with darker gray couch for a richer color. The coffee table here is also charming, giving a different tone to this contemporary living room.

Simply natural and airy. The space uses modern approach by exposing the clean lined interior and light shades (white and gray). Gray concrete floors and white walls are so adorable. The furnishings and additional interior items follow the main shade, creating a cohesive visualization.

contemporary living room idea gray wall color large glass windows purely white couches log top coffee table with mertal legs tuscan area rug dark wood floors

Muratore Corp

Lovely colors. They remind me the stone’s natural color. White shade on sofa is as pure as the snow, and log-top coffee table empowered the nature’s tone in this living room.

museum like living room white wall color light gray couch black chairs darker glass coffee table with oval shaped top

Abelow Sherman

Grays often brings out peaceful and mute feelings. This is why most peacefulness lovers prefer this color shade to other color shades. The large living room with dominant gray, at glance, looks like a museum. Just add white furnishings and set them separately to get a real exhibition sphere.

modern minimalist living room very light gray modern couches asymmetrical top coffee table with stainless steel legs medium toned wood floors modern gray area rug


Very light gray makes the scheme powerless against white. At glance, they are in the same color, but they add classic tone to this modern minimalist living room. In the other hands, wood color here exactly breaks this ‘cold’ tone.

small modern living room white brick wall with modern recessed fireplace medium toned wood floors light gray recliner chair striped throw pillows light cowhide area rug white round top side table with


Gray and white are in imbalanced proportion but so far so good. I agree that white dominates the space, and wood element completes its performance. White is nicely implemented on brick wall accented by a recessed fireplace. This idea surely presents modernity, while wood is the balance maker in which it offers visual warmth and feeling.

Another example of simple and small living room highlighted by gray and white schemes. Actually, the cluster of black birds is much more interesting; they obviously contrast against the white wall and gray couch. The poufs and rug are also eye-catching due to their monochromatic tone.

Large and formal contemporary living room idea. The space’s base is covered with very light grey area rug and furnished with darker gray sofas and table, producing a softly contrasting look to the room. The designer also puts a centerpiece on wall to add a rich color.

gray and white living room white sofas white throw pillows light gray walls with artistic wall art smooth area rug in white square top glass coffee table striped multicolored window curtains

Wolfe Design House

Simple but expensive. This white-gray living room features comfy white sofas and smooth rug. A piece of art also contributes the quality brought by entire space.

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