Experts Agree: Want to Try A Small Decorating Process? Start from Your Throw Pillows

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Decorating a home with throw pillows seems to be a little part of decorating process, but it could bring huge impact, especially for improve the value of home. Throw pillows you involve aren’t always fluffy, but decorative and comfortable (visually & functionally). When they come to bedroom, seating corner, living room, hallway bench, or even the front porch’s seat, the throw pillows will give an aesthetic ‘punch’ and give the subtle statement in space. Like these ideas, we’ve collected ten best throw pillows decorating for homes. We’re really sure that all these amazing ideas will ‘rock’ your home.

Mix and match throw pillows can stimulate a visual interest in room. Like this one, you’ve seen there are some interesting prints of throw pillows but they complete each other. Chevron prints, neutral-colors, and floral prints are the basic elements that create a visual balance. Chevron prints represent modern touch, neutral colors are for balance maker, and floral prints here make standout. We may say that this setting in overall completed. Natural texture is obviously felt from the stone walls and hardwood floors.

Don’t ever underestimate a throw pillow power. It could give an eye-catching visual effect if you set it in right way. It could bring unique texture, color, and style. Thanks to this angular-base chair, disk-like lamp, and awesome triangular table; they definitely make this bedroom visually playful.

Sometimes you need to think about the symmetry of all things decorated in your home. Why symmetry? All things set up in symmetrical way can make a well-ordered and organized. By contrast, asymmetry leads to effortless and random look. The idea of symmetrical way of decorating works well for bedroom. You can start from the throw pillows. Layer them up like this example. Just keep the neutral ones in the back, and use the stunning ones in the center. This would be more challenging if you’ve set white bedding for the base.

Just keep being neutral. It’s well recommended if you want to make your room colorless. It’s easy to feel relaxing and personally comfortable; consider a calm atmosphere with minimalist & colorless room setting, including the existing throw pillows.

Play with texture. Look at this corner, it’s surprisingly simple but beautiful. We really appreciate the designer who has turned this corner into a chic ‘nest’. Just with a shag throw pillow, the corner has become a perfect spot to sit. It also gives a statement in empty-feel entryway. From this, we want to say that texture is one of aesthetic values outside the shape, color, and print.

It’s acceptable if you want to create something crowded and ‘busy’ in your private bedroom like this example. Mixed prints on throw pillows offer obvious textural color – giving a special direct interest in room, but the wood elements represented by the dresser and headboard of bed frame also keep this room warmer visually. What a great balance!

Sepia – a reddish brown- of course brings character to this room. With gray sofa, all sepia throw pillows look so obviously stunning. A woven wool pouf with the same color gives another direct interest in this living room.

Create your own space by adding your favorite things like this idea. How cozy it is when you find there are some layers of throw pillows with various colors and prints. Probably it could be a perfect reading nook just with adding a throw blanket and set it up nearest your fireplace.

Enjoy your lazy Sunday in such spot. Round throw pillow here isn’t just a unique shape, but also a focal point at least from its mustard scheme.

Some series of rustic throw pillows. These interior stuffs have rich and playful neutral-colores – giving a chic but characterful look to this room.

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