Fancy Kids’ Room Designs, Parents’ Inspirations When Makeovering Their Kids’ Room

playroom in kids' room teepe some animal stuffs gray pouf flat woven rug in white world map wall decal Pinterest

Kids are the main reason why parents laugh, smile, or cry. Designing a room for kids is a little hard because we must be careful to pick the theme, tone, and style that fit our kids’ personal preference, meaning that the room must be full of ideas to make the kids always feel excited when being in their room. The ideas of decorating can also come from the movies, animals, hobbies, etc that suit them most. Here are ten ideas of inspiring kids’ rooms we’ve collected from Pinterest. Hope these will inspire you, too.

Kids love Disney? Create a fancy room for your kids with this idea. Make an attractive wall decal behind the kids’ bed frame and see the result. A big castle of Walt Disney’s symbol, for instance, gives a textural tone and of course be a direct statement of room. Pick the same colors like pink and blue for the bedding treatment. Don’t forget to add a couple of open-shelves for books and animal stuff collections.

Look at the chalkboard wall panel; it’s awesome, exposing colorful solar system as the wall arts. It’s creative and of course can help the kids to seize their big dreams as the astronauts. Or at least the wall arts can inspire them whose big dreams in astronomy before.

The cloudy kids’ room, it’s so surprising when I find some clouds on the gray walls. The idea works perfectly with the bedroom furniture. I also love the gray gradation from light to dark; it creates a balanced contrast. Brilliant, cloudy yet warm.

Teepe becomes the highlight in this kids’ room. We can set it up as the alternative where the kids are playing their animal stuffs, or simply use this small tent for toys storage solution.

yellow school bus bed frame idea round shape rug in red


It needs more inspirations when designing the kids’ room and the school bus is just one of the most inspiring ideas to adopt. Make the bus’s cabin for bed and let your kids feel different sensation when napping in this unique bed.

playroom in kids' room teepe some animal stuffs gray pouf flat woven rug in white world map wall decal


When kids’ play time is an importance and can educate them, it’s better to provide a playroom in kids’ room and let them improve their skill on their own.

A dream loft bed with under playroom and extra storage space. This is so practical and can be best alternative for apartment-space homes. Wood element used is the light-tone one that fits the crisp white interior. The color combination of light wood and crisp white totally makes this space bright and airy.

Super-tiny yet unique. Kids’ room in attic sounds great to try. Like this one, the space is well-lighted and so airy. It’s because the space is supported with a large skylight that allows the natural light accesses the whole space. Light wood furniture like this tiny loft bed will also be a perfect option for such a tiny attic.

Make the kids’ room more dramatic with such a beautiful drapery. I really love the color; it works well with the dark wood furniture. It’s a good choice for rustic kid’s room.

Blush up your baby girl with this sweet room decor idea. The blush-colored drapery visually softens the space with gray-white dominance. It also gives another textural tone to this kids’ room. The string lamps here also add warm look to this space.

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